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About – Lime 24

Lime 24 is your online loan platform offering benefits in every loan type you decide to choose.

We have a diverse loan range for all clients in every budget

Package one consists of an offer loans up to R1 200. Second package offers up to R2 100. Third Package offers up to R3 000. And our VIP package offers of loan amount up to R5 000.

Loan approval in minutes

Our speedy delivery on approvals means our clients can have their applications approved within 5 minutes!

Responsible and trusted name in the industry

Lime 24 are a registered credit provider working in line with the National Credit Regulator of South Africa. We reserve the right to lend our clients loans, in accordance to their affordability.

We will not put you into unnecessary debt, and will make sure you never lend more than you can afford to pay back.

Going the extra mile to accommodate all clients’ needs cash

Clients, who have a bad credit score, can also get a payday loan through Lime 24. We look forward to building up your cash reserves, to help you get through the month.

Apply online today and have cash in your account before the end of the day.

Services – Lime 24

A service that is your hassle-free porthole to find a payday loan.

We offer impeccable services, with a team of experienced staff and highly driven passionate members who all want the best for our clients.

Streamlined, easy services

No more queueing in line for appointments, no more filling out of endless reams of paperwork, no more waiting weeks for the cash to appear in your bank account.

We have simplified everything

With our technology, our services are fast and streamlined and our client’s information is controlled through data security measures for your safe confidentiality. We ensure that what you apply for, get processed and actioned in the quickest possible turnaround times.

Our payday loans are short term loans, payable over 35 days. The interests on these loans are at the lowest terms you will find, due to their short terms. We approve our applications in as little as 5 minutes! That’s incredible timing, thanks to innovation that works for our clients.

How to get the perfect loan to suit your requirements

Simply apply through the online application form provided on our website and click "get money"!

All the steps and instructions are there to carry you through the entire process. Each step is easy, and fast. We aim to provide cash directly into your bank account before the close of business on the day of your application.

Summary of Services

  • PAYDAY loans
  • UNSECURED personal loans
  • SHORT-TERM loans
  • VEHICLE loans

Lime 24 offer payday loans that are simple, affordable & online

Where else would you want to go, if you can get a payday loan approved in minutes, and paid into your bank account within 24 hours!

Easy-to-get loans

To get a loan at Lime, you don’t need to jump through hoops or earn a massive salary to qualify. We have made everything easier and more affordable for everyone earning a salary. When you having struggles in getting through the month, and your pay check just isn’t stretching as far as you would like it to, don’t despair, Lime 24 can help you with a payday loan today.

As a registered lender, we need to keep in line with the National Credit Act of 2015. This in turn benefits our clients, as we won’t give you more cash than what you can afford to pay us back! This is a good thing, as we don’t want you going into debt!

Who can apply?

To qualify for a payday loan, clients need to be permanent resident of South Africa, and have a valid green bar coded ID document. Clients must be over 18 years old, this is a legal requirements. You must have a monthly income going into your bank account and obviously, have a valid bank account, for us to pay your cash into. Simply go onto our online website, and complete the application form.

The application is short, and only takes minutes to complete

Because it’s online, there is no paperwork, and no wasted time. You can apply from anywhere that you have access to the internet. Submit your application and wait for us to present you with an agreement on your loan request. Once you have agreed to the terms of your loan, the payment takes a mere five minutes to be transferred into your bank account!

It’s as simple and fast as that!

Should you need to speak to us, we are available to you. We have experienced consultants ready to take your call. Our contact number is 011 083 5116.

We are here for you throughout the loan process!

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