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About – Little Loans

Little Loans is your loan comparison platform of choice, when looking for a little loan to help you get through a cash-strapped month.

Experts in pay day loan services

We specialise in quick loans, which makes us experts in this market. We have 11 preferred lenders in partnership with our services, all offering competitive and beneficial loaning solutions. Our clients get the best fitted loan offer from our lenders, to ensure they get a full service comprising of the cash they need as well as a team of qualified and experienced consultants at the other end of the phone, to help them with whatever questions they may have.

We are the best lender for you

We are not in any way worried about the competition of lenders in the market in today’s world. We are confident of our abilities to provide a fast turnaround on your loan requests. We are highly confident that our rates are hard to beat, and we are extremely confident of our all-round service delivery, through our people and our technology systems.

Since 2014, we have assisted thousands of clients, who have always experienced a perfect satisfaction service delivery through quality driven delivery to our clients.

Get between R500 and R8 000 to carry your through the month, and pay it back at your next pay day!

Services – Little Loans

Little Loans offer an online process, through speedy technology enabling them to get a little bit of extra cash FAST!

We have had many years to perfect our service delivery, and we just keep getting better at what we do. Our clients get a fast pay out of their online loan, and with our innovation driving our processes quicker than ever, you never have to wait, or leave your home or office to get a loan application processed.

Large pay day loan amounts available

Our clients can apply for a payday loan of up to R8 000, to use to cover those dreaded bills which come up when you least expect them to. Pay for your dental and doctor visits, and whatever you need to pay for when you having a month of out-of-control budget!

Our payday loans are short-term, and can be paid in full at your next pay date

This gives you a little breather during the month, knowing that you won’t fall behind in your payments. Our low APR rates are a minimal 3% per month (36% APR), which is far lower than majority of payday loans in the market.

Apply now, and have a little extra cash in your bank account within hours! It’s simple and very accessible. We have made life easier to get cash when you need it.

Summary of Services

  • Payday loans
  • Unsecured personal loans
  • Short-term loans
  • Emergency loans

Little Loans provides a payday loan to cover your financial emergencies

Little Loans in South Africa are no new comers to the lending market.

Why are we the preferred pay day loan provider?

  • WE ARE specialists when it comes to getting the little loan to cover your emergency payments, and a little extra cash to tie you over till your next pay day.
  • WE ARE transparent with our costs and loan fees.
  • WE DON’T hide any little extra costs along the way.
  • OUR PROCESSES are simply designed to help you apply for a loan, get it fast, and repay it over the time frame stipulated.
  • OUR SERVICES are free, so there are no frills to our service delivery; we simply tackle your requirements in a straight forward manner, to get you what you want.
  • WE CAN lend clients the amount of between R500 to R8 000 with our unique payday loan options.
  • BECAUSE a payday loan is essentially a very short-term loan, we offer a lower loan amount, in order for you to afford to pay it back without hassles.

Who can apply?

If you are over 21 years old, and are a South African national, you can get a payday loan. We don’t need all your bank statements or loads of documentation when you apply. You can simply complete the short application form provided on our website, and submit.

Fast turnaround times

Before you can even blink an eye, we will be in touch with you with a confirmation of your approval.

We encourage clients only to borrow what they can afford to pay back. A pay day loan is just a short term financial boost to get you through the month, when you have a couple of emergency payments to make. We all have these months, when the cost of living outweighs our salary. With Little Loans, you no longer have to go into arrears because of unpaid bills, or stress the entire month because you just don’t have the capital to cover those accounts.

Trust us with your finances; we will help you get through the month hassle-free.

Get cash quick! Money in your bank account is just a few clicks away from being yours.

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Ph: 087 001 0475