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About – EC Loans

EC Loans is here you assist you when you feel the financial pressures gaining on you.

With a speedy and reliable service available to all South African clients, we will help you get a loan even if you are sitting with a bad credit score.

Streamlined processes to assist you better

We have made every step of getting financial assistance streamlined and simple. We know that you don’t need any complications or wasted time when you already have the stress of your finances on your hands.

Blacklisted? Not a problem

We can help you find a loan to help you cover those unexpected bill payments, home renovations or even to take a well-earned holiday. No matter what you may need the cash for; we are here to get it for you.

Easy loan approval

Clients get the satisfaction of not having to waste their precious time, in queues, or waiting for the dreaded response from the bank or lender to say they have been declined. We have more approvals on our books that ever, with being able to work in line with the affordability of our clients. If you can afford the minimal structured repayment terms, you should have no problem being approved.

Apply for a loan today, and have the cash in your bank account within 24 to 48 hours to use when you like.

Services – EC Loans

EC Loans is one of South Africa’s favourite online loan platforms.

We offer loans and so much more

When it comes to getting the amount of cash you need, it will depend on what you can afford to repay in your monthly instalments.

This goes for clients who are blacklisted or who have bad credit as well. We offer clients cash loans ranging between R1 000 and R100 000 which they can use for whatever they please. Clients can get repayment options to suit their budget for periods of between 12 and 84 months.

Everyone needs a little cash boost at some point in their lives

There are months which are painfully bleak, with payments to make here and there, and you end up being very tight in your dreams of stretching your salary to the end of the month.

Who can apply?

With us, it's easy to get a loan, everyone has access to cash when they need it the most. If you are earning over R1 500 per month, you qualify to apply for a loan. If you are a resident of South Africa and are over 18 years old.

Apply today, we are sure you will not be disappointed with the turnaround times, and the interest rates on our cash loans.

Summary of Services

  • Blacklisted applicants welcome
  • Unsecured loans
  • Bad credit loans
  • Personal loans
  • Debt consolidation

We will help you with a loan even if you're blacklisted, one that suits you best!

EC Loans in South Africa provide a totally paperless solution to getting a cash loan.

Various loan options to suit you

Whether you want to consolidate your debt, pay off accounts or take a holiday, we have online loans to help you cover all of it. Applying through our online platform is so easy. We have laid out all the steps in detail for you to follow, and it takes only a few minutes of your time. There are three options to choose from, simply by clicking on the option that suits you.

Applying for our loans is easy and convenient

Once you have completed your application form and submitted, you can sit back and relax, and wait for us to do the rest. If you prefer to download the application from our website, complete it and email or fax it back to us, you have this option as well. We believe as an accredited financial institution, we have an obligation to provide a financial solution in the form of a personal loan to those who need it.

Blacklisted loans and more available

We have the capabilities to provide loan products to suit everyone. We also cater for those clients who are blacklisted, and find it difficult to get a loan through banks and other lenders. Clients can get repayment options to suit their budget for periods of between 12 and 84 months.

We also offer secured & unsecured loans

These options are diverse to suit everyone!

Sometimes you may need to put down security on a secured loan if you don’t qualify for an unsecured loan. Clients who have a bad credit history may need to look at this option, and if they own a house or car, using this option can give you a better chance of getting approved for finance.

Responsible lending practices

All our loans rely on our client’s credibility, which is verified through your credit score.

This plays a major part in loan approvals, as we have to work in line with the National Credit Act. This in turn means that we can only borrow the amount of cash to our clients that they can afford to pay back. This will be determined from your application, and will be worked out once we have an insight of what you are earning and what your expenses currently are.

 Contact Details

14 Bloem Ct, Northpine, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7560, South Africa
Ph: 087 943 2500 / 021 200 6010
Fx: 086 525 8611
Em: [email protected]