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About – Global Finance

Global Finance has been assisting clients in getting personal loans since January 2000.

This gives us extensive experience in the financial market, putting us in the leading space of lending services. We offer a no obligation quote that will allow you to get an overview of what amount we can offer you and over what terms.

You will find that our quotations are very inviting

We can offer you an unsecured personal loan, which means you don’t run the risk of losing any of your assets as collateral. We offer a number of loan options to suit your budget.

If you prefer to get a smaller amount of cash our payday loans are suitable with payment terms allowing for 35 days. Our personal loans offer a much longer repayment term, allowing you to budget a smaller amounts each month, and are tailored to suit what you can afford to pay back.

Our team of experienced loan consultants are available via telephone or email, to assist you with any questions you have.

Benefits when choosing us as your preferred lender

At Global Finance, we offer a number of benefits to our clients to take advantage of including:

  • COMPETITIVE low rates
  • LOAN amounts up to R100 000
  • REPAYMENT terms of up to 60 months to pay back your loan
  • EASY application methods

Services – Global Finance

A convenient service, that doesn’t require time out of your busty day to make an appointment, or fill in endless paperwork.

Getting a personal loan can be so simple

It takes just a few minutes of your time through an online platform. This is the technology we provide to our South African clients. Our process works efficiently, effectively and fast! Where most banks will scrutinise your application as a credit risk if you have a bad credit score, we don’t.

Responsible lender

We have the ability to work in line with the National Credit Regulations, to offer clients a personal loan that works within their affordability. We will no give you more than you can afford and put you into debt you can get out of. We are here to enhance your life and your financial situation with our personal loans, long and short-term loans, payday and blacklisted loan services.

We have a solution to suit everybody

If you are of the right age, earning a regular monthly income, and are a South African resident, you can qualify for one of our convenient personal loan options today.

Get the funds you need in no time

Apply online now and get loan approval within the hour, and cash in your bank account within 24 hours.

Summary of Services

  • BLACKLISTED applicants welcome
  • PERSONAL loans for bad credit
  • UNSECURED short-term loans
  • PAYDAY loans

Global Finance provide personal loans to help you with your financial requirements

Getting a personal loan is simple when you apply through Global Finance.

When you are feeling the pressure of your financial situation on your shoulders, and you need a little boost in your cash flow, you are at the right place. Global Finance is here you provide the personal loan that will change your bank account status.

We offer personal loans up to R100 000

This cash can be used for basically anything you need it for. Imagine what you could pay for with this kind of extra cash. Paying it off is the least of your problems, with our convenient easy repayment structure which is carefully tailored to your budget. To apply for your personal loan now, simply fill out our short online loan application.

To qualify for one of our loans

  • Clients need to be older than 20 with a monthly income of no less than R1 500 per month
  • Clients must be permanent employees and present a recent salary slip
  • Clients have to be of South African citizenship, and have a copy of their ID book
  • Clients cannot be under debt review or bankruptcy

The benefits to our clients to take advantage of including

  • COMPETITIVE low rates on our personal loans
  • LOAN amounts up to R100 000
  • REPAYMENT terms of up to 60 months to pay back your loan
  • OUR loans are unsecured, so you don’t need any collateral to secure your loan
  • EASY application methods, apply online or via telephone
  • YOU can use your cash for anything you like!
  • WE also assist clients who are blacklisted or have a bad credit status

Be one of thousands of clients in South Africa who are living a better life because of our personal loan services. We will assist you with any questions you have before and after getting your loan, with our team of experienced loan consultants.

Everything you need to apply for a loan is available on our website

We make getting cash convenient and simple; as we know you life may be hectic, with little time to spare for appointments and paperwork. Let us help you with your personal loan today.

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