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About – Ayoba Loans

Ayoba Loans is your best solution to getting a cash loan, when you are blacklisted.

Our personal loans are easy to apply for, through an online based platform, which takes you one step closer to having cash in your bank account.

Unsecured loans that are competitive 

Our loans are flexible and require no security in order to get your loan secured. All your information provided to us on our online platform is totally safe, with data privacy procedures in place; no one will have access to your private information.

Everything we do through our services is done with the best quality and care ensuring that our clients receive a top service delivery whenever they get their loan services through Ayoba. Our clients driven passion is carried through every step and every process with our clients. We don’t expect you to put down your home or car to secure a loan with us.

Technology that backs our fast processing of loans

We have simplified the entire process, through innovative technology driving the application to pay-out and added a personal touch through our experienced staff, who are there for you whenever you have concerns about your application or anything else to do with your loan.

Apply today, and have cash in your bank account by the very next day!

Services – Ayoba Loans

Apply for cash loans up to the amount of R250 000.

We provide easy steps, easy platforms, and quick turnaround times to ensure you never have to wait to get your loan.

Loan approval with bad credit 

We use eft processes to get cash in your bank account quickly, and as soon as your loan is approved. We are the people’s choice when it comes to getting a blacklisted loan. We understand that by missing a payment or being in arrears on an account can mark you as a credit risk for many lenders and banks.

How do we approve loans?

At Ayoba, we rather take a look at your affordability and not what your ITC score may be.

To qualify is as simple as being 18 years old, and being permanently employed. If you earn a salary, and can afford to repay your instalments, you are already almost there.

You should get a loan through Ayoba

Because we care about our client’s financial well-being, we go the extra mile to help you get where you want to be. Our years in the lending business have defined our capabilities of taking our services to a level of quality that are difficult to find anywhere else.

Summary of Services

  • Backlisted applicants welcome
  • Loans for people with bad credit
  • Personal loans for bad credit
  • Unsecured vehicle finance

A specialist in offering personal loans to clients who are blacklisted

Ayoba Loans understands that getting a personal loan can sometimes be a time consuming chore.

We often avoid the technical side of the application process and just settle with the first lender we come across. In many cases, you need to physically make an appointment, and go back maybe two or three times to get the confirmation of your loan. With Ayoba, we don’t require any of this.

We are totally online and pay out funds fast

Clients can access cash in no longer than 48 hours, directly into their bank account, by simply applying online through our website.

To qualify for one of our loans if you are blacklisted, all you need is:

  • A South African ID book or barcoded ID book- only SA citizens can apply
  • A valid banking account – as this will be used to debit your instalments
  • A salary of no less than R3 000 per month – you may need to supply a recent salary slip

We usually have a positive outcomes on our approval of applications, however, there may be factors that will cause a decline in your application such as:

  • You may not be able to afford the monthly instalments on your loan
  • You may be under debt review or debt administration

These are usually the only criteria that will put a hold on your application for a bad credit loan. If you meet the other qualifying criteria, you should be good to go!

Regulated and responsible lenders

We work in line with the National Credit Act of South Africa. This also ties in strongly with the lenders that we use to source the online loans for you. Our lenders will not lend you more than what you can afford, so you may not quality for the maximum amount, but maybe a lesser amount which will be stipulated in your contract.

How much can you borrow?

Most of our lenders can borrow up to the amount of R250 000, depending on what our clients earn, and what their expenses are each month. We will work out from your provided information what amount you will qualify for. Even though most of the lenders we work with have their own policies in place, the general qualifications and regulations apply to all.

 Contact Details

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