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About – Loan SA

Loan SA has built up the quickest approach to help you apply for credit.

3 minutes to finish

What makes us one of a kind is our administration process. Our online loans have an extensive variety of choice to suit even the most cash strapped individual. We have even helped customers that have a bad credit history, garnishee and defaults.

Beneficial elements to help you

One of our key value-added elements that are incorporated into our package, is our paralegal assistance from our experienced consultants. You will get boundless telephonic legal assistance and guidance throughout your subscription period with us.

Use your loan for anything

Home upgrades, Debt consolidation, School expenses, Business, Family crisis, Medical, Wedding or even a get-away! When the geyser bursts or your car decides to get a flat tire and you need money in a big hurry. You have come to the right place, we will bend over backwards to bring you the most reasonable deal.

Don’t delay, subscribe to our services today and get a free online loan search tool that helps you search through our wide variety of lenders. You can use the service as many times as you like to find the best cash loan that suits your specific needs.

Services – Loan SA

Lending solutions offered to all South African citizens. Our service includes financial assistance to clients who need more than a fast service provider.

We offer:

Personal loans – clients can get up to R150 000 to use for whatever they like.
Vehicle finance – which is available for bad credit and blacklisted clients
Debt consolidation – for when you want to put all debts in one loan agreement and pay off just one instalment each month
Blacklisted loans – for clients who have a less than perfect credit score

Convenient terms

To access a loan, you can simply contact us via email, with your name and loan requirements on e-mail. Clients, who prefer a quicker method, can simply apply online through our application form which allows you to get cash from your home, office or wherever you have access to your computer. Our loans are payable over convenient terms ranging from between 6 and 60 months.

This will allow easy and affordable instalments over a period that you can manage. We will make life easier for you through technology which speeds up the process. Our amazing customer service drives our quality management and a full-service delivery package.

Interest Rate

To 0 % Per annum

Repayment Term

0 months

0 months

Summary of Services

  • BAD Credit Loans
  • PERSONAL Loans
  • DEBT Consolidation
  • VEHICLE Finance

Get a speedy blacklisted personal loan at Loan SA

Our loans are unbeatable with highly competitive interest rates as well as exceptional service delivery to our clients.

Convenient online loans

As one of South Africa’s fastest growing resources online we grant client’s access to loans, we strive on building better and faster techniques and processes to provide a one of a kind service. Our repayment terms were designed to meet your lifestyle and your budget, ranging between 6 and 60 months.

This time frame allows you to easily repay your personal loan, without feeling the financial pinch. Clients who are blacklisted seem to receive a lot of problems when trying to get finance. Banks and larger lending firms will take one brief look at your credit history and instantly decline your application.

We are different and won’t judge you on your past. As long as you have a good job and can afford the loan then your loan application should be approved easily.

Search and find a lender

You can spend days, weeks and even months trying to find a lender on your own, to assist you with the cash you need. What makes our services work better for blacklisted clients is our total solution.

We offer innovative online platforms that allow our clients to apply for a personal loan online, without even leaving your office. This immediately takes the stress off your shoulders and saves you time.

We will give you a choice

There are a lot of lenders that offer blacklisted clients loans, we will give you a number of different options to chose between. You will have quick access to the cash you need quickly. Another key element is speed. We get you to cash fast! You can have cash in your bank account within 24 to 48 hours of submitting your application.

The next step to follow

Once your application is approved, we will forward you a drafted agreement, stating your repayment amounts, date of your first instalment and entire contract total amount.

Once you have signed the contract, the deal is done and you will have the cash you need to use as you please. It is simple. It is fast. And we can make it happen for you, even if you don’t have a perfect credit score.

Register, sign up and be part of thousands of happy customers, who get first time and second-time finance through Loans SA.

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