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Izwe Loans

  • Personal loans up to R250,000
  • Low-interest up to 24.75%
  • Repayment up to 60 months

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About Izwe Loans

The Izwe Africa Group is one of the leading micro-finance providers on the African continent.

Established in South Africa in 2004, the company extended its footprint to other countries such as Ghana, Zambia, and Kenya in 2008. Izwe strives to become a world-class leader in the finance industry through its key branch locations.

“Izwe’ means ”nation”. The company’s focus is on the upliftment and empowerment of people for the advancement of the country. They are passionate about equipping ordinary people with the skills to improve their financial well-being and the future of their families.

Izwe equips people like you with the financial tools to build a more prosperous future, so you can do your part in growing our economy. Their primary mission is to offer you a range of easily accessible online loans.

A steadfast commitment

Izwe Loans is fully committed to giving you the opportunities to generate wealth by making smart financial choices.

Its product offering is accessible and founded on sound and proven lending concepts. The company values its reputation as a trusted financial services provider.

Personal and easily accessible

Their financial products are tailored to your unique requirements according to your personal risk profile and affordability which guarantees that you get tailored packages and fees.

Your needs and requirements matter and Izwe Loans promotes open communication. Because of the company’s extensive footprint in the country, contacting and engaging with them is easy.

You have access to a range of digital channels, branches, and call centres, and their knowledgeable sales consultants are always ready to assist and guide you to the best of their ability.

The logical choice

Reasons why an Izwe loan just makes financial sense

  1. Because Izwe is registered with the NCR you can trust their products.
  2. You get payment terms to suit your needs and pocket.
  3. You can use the money for whatever you want.
  4. The application can be made from the comfort of your home.
  5. Izwe has a proven reputation for excellent service.
  6. Applications are swift and paperless.

Izwe Loans Services

Izwe offers you a range of unsecured loan options to enable you to achieve the bright financial future you’ve always dreamed of.

Personal loans

Their personal loan options are flexible and tailored to suit your pocket.

  • You can get a short or long-term loan at a very competitive interest rate.
  • You have the flexibility to choose how much you want to borrow and for how long.
  • How you choose to use the money is entirely up to you.
  • Collection is done through salary deductions or direct debits, which makes your repayments much easier to handle and reduces risk.
  • You can get up to R250 000 on a loan term ranging from 12 to 60 months.

The great news is that they can offer you a number of asset-backed lending options even if you're unemployed.

Payday loans

This option provides you with quick cash in your pocket for unexpected emergencies, enabling you to stay financially afloat until you get your next paycheck. The company also takes great care not to put you in a worse financial position. They’ll always offer you the best advice on managing your finances.

These loans require Customer Protection Insurance to guarantee monthly repayments in the event of disability, loss of income or death, for a period of one year. It protects your family against inheriting your debt.

Student loans

If you’re having sleepless nights about securing your children’s educational futures, you can apply for a student loan. Izwe understands the financial pressure of providing for your children’s future educational needs and has tailored solutions to take some of the stress off your shoulders.

A student loan enables you to finance your child’s education over a set period of time and is designed around your personal needs. Terms range from 9 to 60 months.

Debt consolidation loans

Do you dream of getting a grip on your debt? You can now fuse all your debt repayments into one loan. This consolidation loan offers to combine all your monthly debt repayments into one manageable repayment. The advantages of this type of finance include:

  • You enjoy the security of a fixed-rate loan.
  • You don’t have to deal with all your creditors on a monthly basis as they all receive monthly payments through this loan.
  • You pay less interest as you only have to service a single loan, so you’ll have more cash in your pocket for other living expenses.

Izwe Loans – Personal loan

  • Loan Type Personal loans
  • Interest Rate 24.75%
  • Loan Amount up to R250,000
  • Repayment 12 months to 60 months
  • Decision 24 hours

Benefits of Izwe Loans

  • Flexible loan options
  • Quick and paperless loan applications
  • Accessible financial solutions

Personal loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This personal loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this loan calculator is subject to our terms of use.

Criteria to qualify for credit with Izwe Loans

  • You must be at least 18 years old and a South African citizen.
  • Be gainfully employed, earning at least R 2 000 per month.
  • Produce proof of income in the form of your past three months’ bank statements.
  • Proof of residential address.

Tools to help you decide

If you want to work out how much money you can borrow, Izwe Loans has streamlined this exercise for you. You can use the following three online tools:

  1. The budget planner calculator
  2. The debt consolidation calculator
  3. Disposable income calculator

3 ways to apply for your Izwe loan

  • Apply on their website by completing the online application form.
  • You can visit any branch in person to apply.
  • Contact the Izwe call centre and let them know you want to apply for a loan. They’ll get back to you within a short time frame.

You’ll get a swift response in the form of an offer based on what you can afford. All you need to do is sign the agreement and submit it with the required supporting documents. Upon acceptance, your money will reflect in your account within 24 hours.

Costs to cater for

The interest rate on your Izwe loan will depend on how much you qualify for. You’ll pay a low interest of up to 27.75%. The onus rests on you to ensure that you’ll be able to honour your monthly loan repayments.

Other fees to keep in mind are an initiation fee of R 936 and a monthly service fee of R 69 on your loan. Your monthly repayments will be debited from your account according to your loan agreement.

Secure your future

If you’re serious about securing a healthy financial future for your family, Izwe is the perfect partner to assist you with life’s financial challenges. At Izwe, you get suitable financing options. You also get the opportunity to improve your financial security.

Application is swift and seamless, and you get your money quickly. Added bonuses are the saving facility options and investment solutions that offer market-related returns.

man holding thumbs up

Izwe Loans is a trusted & reliable provider of personal loans

In our review, Izwe Loans adheres to the compliance criteria in accordance with the National Credit Act, where the granting the loan will not cause financial distress to the consumer.

✅ Izwe Loans is a registered credit provider in South Africa: NCRCP4560

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

February 2019

Whether you are looking for a short-term or long-term loan, Izwe is the ideal lender for any of your financial needs. They understand exactly what fellow South Africans need. They come highly rec...

Thandi M
— Butterworth —

September 2018

Thanks to my personal loan from Izwe I was able to refurbish my kitchen exactly the way that I have always wanted. They are fair, affordable an awesome.

Lorato M
— Mthatha —

February 2019

What I love about Izwe is their flexible loans; I could decide on the loan amount that suits my budget and determines my own repayment schedules.

Travis H
— Paarl —

Izwe Loans Contact

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