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About – Boodle

Life is wonderful and we should all be living it to the full. There are so many thrilling possibilities to discover, from pursuing a passion to the wants of raising a family; no wonder opportunities and cash flow don’t always align.

It’s at times like these that Boodle offers you a financial breathing space. We have made our temporary loans safe, affordable and fast to bridge the gap between pay-days, in order not to miss out on any of life’s many-pleasing experiences.

Boodle is different!

We take a difficult and sometimes tedious task and make it simple and approachable. We understand life, and we know how expensive everything in life can be. No matter what we do, throughout the day, week or month, it all costs money! We often come to a point during the month where our salary just hasn’t covered enough days, and we still have bills to pay for.

Your reliable lending partner

Boodle takes the stress out of your financial day and helps you get a fast cash loan when you need it. Things happen, it’s the nasty truth! However, there is always help and we are the preferred lending partners you can rely on every time! We offer online loan products that fit in line with the amount you need, when you need it and what you can afford to pay off without feeling the cash crunch each month.

Ensuring your financial wellbeing

We encourage responsible lending to our clients, ensuring that we will never offer you more than you can afford to pay off. When you apply online for a loan, we will go through our current financial status, to see what you can afford, and what you can pay back.

Services – Boodle

Since we are not a bank, we make our own rules, to allow clients throughout South Africa to find quick loans, instantly, to use as they please.

We don’t make appointments or expect you to stand in long queues. We don’t need your entire life’s history and do invasive investigations into your credit background. We take your loan application, process it and pay you out the amount you need, fast.

Minimum requirements

If you are over the age of 21 years, reside permanently in the country and earn a regular salary each month into your bank account, you can qualify for an approved quick cash loan. We pay out our loans within the same day of approval, making getting cash quicker and easier than ever. We process everything online, for convenience and also to save you time.

Repayment options

Repayments on your loan can be made through a direct debit order, directly from your bank account on a monthly basis, in accordance with the agreement of the specific terms of your contract. Now there is no excuse not to pay off those unexpected bills, or take that vacation you so badly need.

Fund transfers within 24 hours

You can get cash in your bank account within 24 hours, to use as you please, whenever you need it. Simply apply online for a loan that suits your needs.

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Boodle knows how to get you cash when you need it

Use our online loan calculator to get started

All you need to do is select the amount of cash you need, by using the handy sliding calculator, you will be able to determine the loan repayment amounts in accordance with the amount you need. Because we are transparent with our fees, you can see exactly what your loan amounts will be in total from the calculator online. Once you have come to the amount you can afford to borrow, you can proceed to complete the application form online.

Simple & quick online loan application

We only need a little personal information from you in order to process your loan application. Once we have received your application, we will run a few credit checks and provide you with a suitable loan offer in line with the amount you need. Because our loans are processed paperless, we make the entire process quick and simple. Within 10 minutes of your application, we will respond to your submitted request. Once you are happy with the terms of your loan, we will proceed to pay the cash into your bank account. We can ensure your entire online loan process is completed in one day.

It’s simple, quick and affordable. Now you can get a quick loan when you need it.

What you need to know before applying

Our clients don’t need all the bells and whistles to qualify for a loan from Boodle. All you need is to be over 21 years old, have a valid banking account and a salary coming in each month. Clients also need to be a resident of South Africa. We make getting your cash simple. We transfer your approved loan amount straight into your bank account of choice for you to access immediately.

Paying off your loan is even easier

With a setup debit order system, we can deduct the loan repayment amounts off your bank account the same day each month until you repay your loan in full. First-time lenders can lend up to the maximum of R5 000 where existing clients can borrow up to R8 000 to use as you please.

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