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About – Lime24

Lime24 have an effective and valuable service delivery when it comes to getting a quick cash loan. We work entirely online, with a paperless process.

By creating an easy to use online loan platform, our clients no longer need to spend time making appointments or looking for a bank that will approve their loan. We simplify all the stages of our loan applications, to ensure you can receive your loan pay-out in as little as 1 hour of your approved application. We also have a team of experienced consultants on hand should you need any further advice or information.

Quick cash for emergencies

In times when bills and emergency payments pop up, especially when we don’t need them, or not equipped for them financially, we are there to assist you. Our loan products are offered in smaller amounts, to allow our clients to pay them off sooner. You also have the option to re-apply once your initial loan is paid off, should you need further cash to carry you through.

You can borrow up to R2 100

Get easy loan approval in minutes, cash in your preferred bank account within hours and money to spend as you like. Life is too short to waste time when you need a loan, contact Lime24 today!

Services – Lime24

All South Africans are able to apply for a quick-cash loan when their finances are looking a little slim.

When your pay-cheque just doesn’t stretch to the end of the month, and those nasty little accounts and emergency payments creep up on us. This is life, and luckily for our clients, Lime24 understands this position. Sometimes you just need a little cash to tide you over, and we have that cash for you!

We process loans 24 hours a day

Lime24 works on short term loan applications 24 hours a day, for our client’s convenience. We are here for you whenever you need. You can apply for a short-term cash loan of up to R2 100 and pay it back either over seven days or up to your next pay-day. Once you have borrowed from us and shown a good credit score and paid back your loan on time, you can qualify for a larger amount of up to R5 000 on your next application. Find the best online loan with Lime24.

Minimum requirements

To qualify, clients need to be over 18 years old, reside permanently and work in South Africa, and earn an income on a monthly basis. Get cash with our same day loan, and cover those niggly accounts. Contact us today, or visit our website. Lime24 gets you the loan you need when you need it!

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Summary of Services

  • FAST Loans
  • PERSONAL Loans
  • QUICK Cash Loans

Lime24 gets you the loan you need, when you need it

Our process for loan applications are simple to use and works quickly with the innovation of a 24hr integrated application platform.

Get finance quickly, that is what we specialise in – making you wait is not an option! Let us help you get your loan application processed instantly.

Apply online in no time at all

To get a loan, clients can apply directly by filling in the application provided on our website. By creating a profile, you can add in your personal details requested from you. Once you have completed your profile, you can opt to withdraw cash by entering the amount you wish to borrow, and enter your contact number, address and details required. To get approval for one of our loans, clients will need to submit three months bank statements and a copy of your ID document.

Loan transfer within 1hour

Upon loan approval, you can receive your cash fast - within the hour. No fuss and frills. Simple and straightforward loans, when you need them. Paying back your loan is even easier, with technology sources such as NAEDO, repayment on your loan can be done automatically. We have taken all the frustration and wasted time out of every process of getting a quick loan. All our applications, queries and payments are integrated through a digital solution, which alleviates having to take time away from your busy schedule.

We are here when you need extra cash

Don’t let those emergency payments and outstanding bills take over your life. We can help you get a fast cash loan. Should you need any advice or questions answered, feel free to contact us directly, or through our website. Lime24 is an easy way to boost your financial situation when it matters. We will assist you with pre-application as well, to determine whether or not you are able to borrow or not. There is no limit to the service delivery you can expect from Lime24.

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