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About – Finance 27

Finance 27 offer clients in South Africa online loans, which are paid out the very same day.

Offering a full solution to your lending needs, 24/7

We don’t restrict you to business times, nor do we make you queue for appointments. All our loans are offered through a convenient online platform, to make life easier for you. We provide cash loans on a short term basis, making them affordable to everyone.

Specialists in what we do

We are the cash loan specialists, with the financial capability to address all your financial requirements. With a strong background in the financial industry, and a passion for what we do, our consultants strive to deliver service excellence through every step of the lending process.

A cash solution for unexpected expenses

You have access to short term cash loans of up to R4 000 to use as they please. We know the disturbing factors that happens in life, be it an emergency payment, unexpected doctors bill, or an overdue account, which dwindles because you just can’t get through the month financially.

Any purpose loan

Whatever the reason for your loan, our aim is to get it for you. No hassles, no waiting, no hidden fees. we have the short term loan you are looking for, and its available right here through our online application process.

Services – Finance 27

Short-term cash loans and payday loans to keep you financially afloat, when you are in need of a little cash boost.

How much can you borrow?

Our new clients have the option to borrow between R500 and R2 500, while our existing clients can borrow up to R4 000.

With technology working in the background of our loan services, we incorporate an online platform that allows clients to access cash faster than ever before. Our innovative platforms quickly assess your application, do credit checks and produce cash within 24 hours into your banking account to use as you like.

Bad credit fast loans

Due to the National Credit Act, and the regulations around this law, we have to do a credit check on our clients. This does not mean that if you are blacklisted or have a bad credit, you will not get a cash loan. We do consider the bigger picture and the extent of your credit record before making a decision.

How will your loan be assessed?

We assess the income you earn in relation to your expenses, and if you can afford to repay your instalments each month. We do our utmost best to assist every single client who applies for a cash loan. We unfortunately cannot assist clients who are under debt review or under debt management.

Summary of Services

  • Short term loans
  • Personal finance
  • Quick loans

Finance 27, your online cash provider for short term cash loans

The entire loan process is made as simple as possible, so that you don’t waste any time in getting the cash you need.

Dedicated support team

We believe in simplicity and making life better for our clients, through interactive and innovative processes, as well as having the support you need from a team of dedicated and experienced financial consultants who can answer and assist you with any of your concerns.

So what do you need to do to get cash? It’s simple!

  • TO QUALIFY for a short-term cash loan, you will need to be a permanent resident of South Africa over the age of 18 years.
  • CLIENTS would need to have a valid banking account, where your monthly salary is deposited into each month.
  • HAVING a valid bank account is important as this is where we will deposit your cash loan into when you are approved.

How do I apply?

To get the application process started, you can easily access the application form available online through our website. You will need to complete a few personal details such as your address, contact details, employment information and a breakdown of your expenses and income. Banking details will be required in order for us to arrange a debit order for your monthly instalments to be deducted on the same day each month, for your convenience.

All our processes and applications are 100% safe & secure

We provide confidentiality in the highest respect for our client’s privacy. As an accredited member of the National Credit Regulator, we also ensure that our clients borrow responsibly. This will mean that we do not lend out more cash than wheat our clients can afford to pay back.

Repayment terms

Your instalments on your loans will be calculated in accordance to the amount of cash you are approved to borrow. Your interest rates and other fees are all included in your instalments, to ensure you pay a fixed amount each month.

Finance 27 is here for our clients 24/7, providing a top quality lending service, to clients who are looking for a little extra cash to get them through tough times.

 Contact Details

West Wing, First Floor, Wapadrand Shopping Centre, Wapadrand, Pretoria, Gauteng, 0050, South Africa
Ph: +27 12 941 1572
Em: [email protected]