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image of Absa

Absa is a registered credit provider with South Africa’s National Credit Regulator: NCRCP7

About – Absa

It is mandatory that we comply according to the requirements of the National Credit Regulator.

ABSA is one of the top financial providers and has been offering personal loans to customers for a number of years.

South Africa can rely on us

One of the reasons why people have counted on us is because we have different credit and finance facilities. This means you are not restricted to a certain kind of loan, there are many credit plans you can invest in and we also have grown our business as far as Tanzania and other countries.

Services – Absa

When you apply for a study loan from us, you are putting all your financial trust in us to ensure that your academic dream turns into a reality.

The good thing is the fact that you can apply and study at any university of your choice as long as you meet their requirements, you can go ahead and enrol.

What does ABSA do exactly?

We normally require your legal guardian to apply for the personal cash loan. We need documents to show that your guardian is working and gets a regular income. Otherwise how else are they going to compensate for the loan?

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Summary of Services

  • STUDENT Loans 
  • EDUCATION Finance
  • PERSONAL Loans

At Absa you will receive a flexible and speedy loan service

If you are looking for a second opinion on which study loans is best for you, you can always read the reviews and find out from other people who use our services.

There are a number of people who recommend such a credit plan for their children and children’s children in the near future.

A great service for our clients

ABSA is always available to help students get ahead especially when it comes to their education, we have a number of credit plans you can make use of to ensure that you are one step closer to your dreams and aspirations. At the end of the fay, everyone has an area of expertise where they would like to see themselves in.

Making a good financial choice

Our loan will ensure that you pay your tuition fees and other academic as well as health necessities such as food supplies. As much as we want you to do well in your grades, we also want you to eat the right kinds of food to ensure that you are healthy and strong.

Confirm to the credit requirements

It is important to ensure that you meet the credit criteria. After all, seeing that everything is in line with your academics, the same should apply with your loan application. In order to fast track the process; submit the required documents in due course. This way, you will have your money in no time.

How do you pay?

After your student loans have been received, you have to ensure that you pay the amount in affordable monthly instalments. It is better if you opt for the debit order option which makes it easier for the monthly payments to be processed. This way, you won’t have to go and physically ensure that you have paid off the loan.

Reapplying every year online

The ABSA student loan is a yearly renewable credit plan which means you have to apply for a loan online again the following year. Should you not, we will deem that you no longer acquire our credit facility and we will expect you to start making arrangements for payment. On the other hand, if you still want to make use of the loan, you have to apply again and go through the same process you went through the year before that.

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 Contact Details

180 Commissioner St, City and Suburban, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2000, South Africa
Ph: 011 350 4111 / 0860 669 669
Fx: 011 370 5000
Em: actionline@absa.co.za
Em: groupsec@absa.co.za

 Postal Address

PO Box 7735, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa

 Universal Branch Code

Absa’s universal branch code: 632005

 Opening Hours

  • Monday 08:30 – 15:30
  • Tuesday 08:30 – 15:30
  • Wednesday 08:30 – 15:30
  • Thursday 08:30 – 15:30
  • Friday 08:30 – 15:30
  • Saturday 08:00 – 11:00
  • Sunday – Closed