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Absa is a registered credit provider with South Africa’s National Credit Regulator: NCRCP7

About – Absa

Absa Bank Limited is a subsidiary of Barclays Africa Group operating in South Africa. The bank is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. It offers retail and personal banking products and services from savings accounts and personal loans to speciality credit products such as student loans.

Serving the Whole of SA

It serves businesses of different sizes through the provision of credit and finance facilities. It is a specialist in corporate and investment banking serving many large companies. Wealth management is another one of its core areas of operation. Over the years, the bank has expanded its operations to other countries on the continent including Tanzania, Nigeria, Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia.

Services – Absa

With a study loan from Absa you will be able to complete your education with perfect peace of mind about paying your tuition fees and all other bills. We welcome full-time and part-time students who are enrolled in or are currently enrolling at a university, university of technology, FET or private college.

How our Loans Work 

Parents, sponsors and guardians can take out and manage the persoanl cash loan on the behalf of the student. You will have to make only the monthly interest payments while studying.

If you have to do an internship or complete community service after graduating, the principal repayment will be delayed.

Summary of Services

  • Personal Long-term Loans
  • Student Loans 
  • University Grants
  • Education Finance
  • Study Loans 
  • Personal Loans

Absa Student Loans Review - How Useful and Affordable Are They?

There are various ways to pay for your university studies and one of the most popular ones is the use of a specially designed finance products. It is certainly worth comparing the different options before you make a final decision. This Absa study loans review will enable you to evaluate the overall quality of these particular products and to decide whether you they are suitable for you.

professionalism, experience and expertise

Absa is among the biggest lenders in South Africa and part of one of the largest financial groups on the African continent. The bank has impeccable reputation. Its products are highly competitive while its services are based on professionalism, experience and expertise. You can rely on full assistance with everything.

Paying your Way through University 

The Absa student loans will help you pay your tuition fees and expenses on books and other study supplies. If you live on campus or in another type of rental accommodation, you may get cash to pay the respective costs. The lender will determine the loan amount based on the total value of the approved expenses.

Meeting the Lending criteria through surety

These loans come with competitive rates. The fees and charges are quire reasonable. The interest rate is determined on a benchmark set by the bank. The creditworthiness of the surety can affect it to an extent. In general, the surety has to be a person who earns a sufficient monthly income to meet the affordability criteria.

Easy and Affordbale Repayments

The repayment of the Absa student loans is designed to favour the student. While you are studying full time, the surety will be responsible for paying only interest. When you graduate, you will have to repay the principal amount plus the outstanding interest. The repayment term must be no greater than the number of years during which you attended university.

Reapplying every Year Online

It is important to note that you have to renew the loan for every year of study but, you can easily apply for a loan online through our website. If you do not, you will have to start repaying the loan straight away. Hence, you have to plan the borrowing and the repayment in advance in order to avoid affordability issues. This review's conclusion is that the Absa student loans can be quite helpful if they are used correctly based on proper planning.

 Contact Details

180 Commissioner St, City and Suburban, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2000, South Africa
Ph: 011 350 4111 / 0860 669 669
Fx: 011 370 5000
Em: [email protected]
Em: [email protected]

 Postal Address

PO Box 7735, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa

 Universal Branch Code

Absa’s universal branch code: 632005

 Opening Hours

  • Monday 08:30 – 15:30
  • Tuesday 08:30 – 15:30
  • Wednesday 08:30 – 15:30
  • Thursday 08:30 – 15:30
  • Friday 08:30 – 15:30
  • Saturday 08:00 – 11:00
  • Sunday Closed –