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About – Fundi

We are driving education in South African, through a student loan offering, which helps our school leavers with the opportunities to take their lives further.

Since our establishment in 1996, as an online student loan provider, we have successfully assisted more than 850 000 students in furthering their education through our student loans.

The value of these being almost R5 billion worth of student loans, and creating successes for bright young minds along the way.

We have pioneered the way to further education in the country

With the financial backing of a provider that believes in our students, we know no limits to taking the next generation into the careers that uplift our country.

Top up options

We make use of cashless innovation in campuses that work on a cashless system. This will allow the students to get cash preloaded into the studying accounts from their parents. This can be topped up when needed, to cover study materials, board and lodging, food and educational fees.

We believe in a modern and uplifting approach to taking bright stars to the next level. We offer convenient and reliable service to benefit everyone, from student to campus.

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Services – Fundi

Fundi will help you finance your educational needs.

We offer a number of student loans facilities which cover every aspect of your studying.

When you need a top up of your capital, we offer a convenient top up plan to allow you to get finance when you need it.

Helping you with all your study financial needs

Our student loans are there to assist with every element of your tertiary education, including your materials, technology such as laptops, textbooks, accommodation, food and more. We take the financial aspect of your studies a step further with our unique and beneficial services.

We offer student loans for:

  • PRIVATE SCHOOL EDUCATION – a tailored financial solution that will benefit your child throughout their schooling years, with the option of applying for bursaries along the way in an academic scenario.
  • TERTIARY EDUCATION – taking your studies further can be the stepping stone to a fruitful career; we want to see you get there in the South African space.
  • SHORT COURSES – you may need a little extra to add to your resume, to land that dream job.
  • POST GRADUATE DEGREES – whether its full time or part time, we are with you every step of the way.
  • EXECUTIVE EDUCATION – become the boss! You can be anything you put your mind to.
  • MBA LOANS – become a specialist in your desired career with the help of a study loan.

Summary of Services

  • Student loans

Fundi will back your future career with a flexible student loan

Fundi Student Loans are backed with values which are carried through in sour service delivery to our clients.

These include:

  • LIFELONG learning

What you need to know

Before you apply for a student loan, we look at whether or not you are permanently employed, or able to provide proof of an income to validate the repayments on your student loan.

Our credit rating will play a major part in your application. Should you be under debt review or debt administration, you will not be able to apply. If you are applying in community of property, and your spouse is under debt review or administration, you also would not be able to apply.

We provide an online platform for ease of application

Clients and students can easily complete the online application form and submit the required supporting documentation which will be asked for during the application process. Everything is processed online, for your convenience. We will provide you with an agreement stating the terms of your student loan contract, allowing you to start budgeting for your monthly instalments.

Understanding the life of a student

You may want to study part time while still holding up a full time job, or study full time, and work part time to get income in to pay off your student loan. Either way, studying can be expensive and time consuming. Being prepared for this path you have chosen, is a mental commitment you need to make. Financially, you need to be able to afford the premiums on your repayment terms.

We provide the right solution for you

Our terms are reasonable, allowing you to work within your budgetary means, and pay them off oer a period that suits you. Should you not be earning a salary, and want to study part time, we can discuss the option of your parents signing surety on your behalf. The same requirements will adhere to the application, and they would need to supply supporting documentation proving their credit worthiness in order to repay the student loan.

Get a quote from your studying institution and start moving forward to a better education. We will be by your side to help you get there.

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