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As an industry trend setter, Justmoney.co.za is always the first to integrate the latest international innovations in the online financial service which we provide.

We operate entirely online and our job is to help South Africans make the best decisions for their finance and insurance.

free service based on experience and expertise

We are proud to offer a completely free service based on experience and expertise.

With us, you are able to select from the best financial products available in the national market.

No matter whether you need student finance, quick cash or a credit card, we will help you make the right choice and save money and time.

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Justmoney.co.za is the online guide which can help you find the ideal student loan for funding your university studies in South Africa. We give you direct access to the best deals in the market and help you compare them easily, quickly and effectively. You will get the full information which you require on each and every product.

Find the Perfect Option for your needs

Your goal is to pinpoint the loan facility which offers the right amount, the lowest interest rate and the most flexible repayment terms and conditions. You can use our comparison service for all other kinds of financial products from savings accounts to credit cards.

We ensure that you make the best choice by providing a full set of advanced yet simple to use calculators and detailed financial guides.

Summary of Services

  • Personal Long-term Loans
  • Student Loans 
  • University Grants
  • Education Finance
  • Study Loans 
  • Personal Loans

Justmoney Student Loans - How Good Are These Student Finance Products?

If you do not have sufficient savings to finance your university education, you will need to use a loan. There are various credit products which are especially designed for students. You just have to ensure that you will get the best deal. Read this Justmoney student loans review to decide whether these can be the right solutions for you.

professional assistance and support

Justmoney is a South African online finance service provider dedicated to matching consumers with the most suitable credit products for them. The company is among the most reliable in its category. You will receive full professional assistance and support based on expertise. You will be able to ask the experts directly for all things which are important to you. The main advantage of working with this company is that you will have better chances of selecting the most favourable deal for you.

The Justmoney student loans are provided by a variety of lenders. The company works primarily with the biggest lenders in the South African market such as the major commercial banks and the leading independent financial companies. You will be able to select from a large range of options so that you can pick the best one.

A Number of Benefits and Features

When you apply to the service provider online, they will contact you to discuss your needs and requirements and your options. The company will select the ideal Justmoney study loan for you given your individual search criteria. You will be able to borrow the optimal amount which you require for paying your tuition fees and any other expenses related to your studies.

You can expect a highly competitive interest rate which matches your affordability criteria. You will most certainly get a flexible repayment term with the option of paying only interest until you graduate. You can secure extra benefits such as the opportunity to use grace periods while you are doing an internship or community service. At the same time, you are in no way obliged to accept the offer made by the service provider. You are the one who has the final word.

Overall, this review finds the Justmoney student loans to be highly diverse. You can readily find a match to your needs and apply for the loan online.

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