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About – Like Money

Like Money is a South African financial provider, for students.

Highly trusted name in the financial industry

We offer more than the finances for your studies. Clients get to use our services for the comparison of student loans in the market, with hundreds of lenders available to explore.

Simply log into our portal online, and open up a world to the student life. We offer student loans through well-known branded names in the financial industry such as Nedbank, FNB and Standard Bank. We also have partnerships with private lending firms such as Eduloan.

Whatever your requirements, we will source the best fit for you

We also offer options to those who cannot support their loan repayments, with the ability to have your guardians or parents pay back the loan on your behalf. This is an option that not many student loan providers offer.

Like Money understand the importance of education

We work towards helping students in reaching their full potential through studying. When we see our clients succeed in their studies and fulfil their career ambitions, we know we are making a difference to the South African youth, by taking our country further.

Sign up today, and make your dreams and aspirations a reality.

Services – Like Money

Assist you to find a student loan through simple methods, and repayment terms to suit your lifestyle.

There are many South Africans who dream of studying further, however, don’t have the capital to lay down for the courses they wish to study.

We make it possible to study further

Getting a personal loan to cover your tuition can work out quite expensive with interest rates being higher, and when you are studying, you may not have a full time job to qualify for one.

And we make life easier for those who want to study further

With our convenient study loan options, you can get a parent to sign on your behalf, as your security. Our interest rates are much lower, and you get longer time frames to pay off your study loan.

Let us help you achieve your dreams

Through an easy application process, you can get finance to pay for your tuition, and still more to use towards the basics such as food, accommodation and study materials. Depending on what you or your parents can afford to borrow, we will offer you an amount within your budget.

Start looking at courses which you want to enrol in, get the tuition amounts, and let us work from there to formulate a student loan that meets your requirements.

Summary of Services

  • LOANS for students
  • FUNERAL insurance
  • Medical aid
  • TRAVEL insurance
  • CREDIT cards
  • PERSONAL loans
  • VEHICLE finance
  • DEBT rescue

Like Money will help you with a student loan while you focus on your studies

Like Money provides loans for students in South Africa.

We understand the costs involved in furthering your studies

Depending on the years it takes and the fees of the studies, this can be an expensive yet worthwhile venture in your life.

If you have just left school, being able to afford an upfront study fee isn’t always an option. This is why; Like Money has provided students with the financial means to reach their potential career goals.

We have provided a list of qualification criteria needed in order to apply for a student loan on our website. Because we know that you probably don’t have a steady income straight away to repay your student loan, we offer our clients the opportunity to get a job before paying off their loan.

We give you a three to six month gateway, in order to do so.

A service that not many financial providers offer

Because we believe in the future of our South African students, we offer this unique service; because we want to see our clients further their lives through education.

Students, who find it difficult to get a job and a salary coming in, can ask their parent to sign on their behalf, and they can pay the monthly premiums for your studies.

There are options when it comes to getting a study loan

We are versatile and flexible with these arrangements, to ensure you get your study loan at the end of the day.

Study loans are far more effective to cover your studying than a personal loan. By this, you can ask your parents to stand surety on your behalf, you get lee-way on your repayment terms, and we only expect the full payment of your loan once you have completed your studies.

How to apply

Clients and students, who are able to repay the loan themselves, will need to supply recent payslips, valid ID document and a description of your studies, including the course fees. With this information, we can provide you with an agreement, containing all the necessary payment terms and amounts you qualify for.

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