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Since 2005, EC Finance has been helping South Africans access affordable and simple personal credit facilities. We specialise in personal loans of all types of short term ones to instant cash ones. We can help you cover emergency expenses, make major purchases and pay for your child's education.

We offer cell phone deals as well.

We work extensively with blacklisted individuals who have been rejected for credit by the major commercial lenders. You can take advantage of our loan calculator before you make an application to ensure that you will get exactly what you want. You will receive the full assistance which you require during the online loan application and loan initiation process.

Services – EC Finance

With online instant loans, you receive the granted cash quickly without questions asked. These personal loans are unsecured which means that you do not have to place collateral in order to obtain them. You get to repay them using your salary income and there are no assessments for creditworthiness run as part of the applicant assessment process.

Suitable for those who are blacklisted

This makes the loans suitable to both blacklisted individuals and those with poor credit rating. You can select from a huge variety of cash loans online including student loans. The application process is quick and easy. The approval is typically instant and the cash is paid out on the same day.

Summary of Services

  • Personal Long-term Loans
  • Student Loans 
  • University Grants
  • Education Finance
  • Study Loans 
  • Personal Loans

EC Finance Student Loans Review - Can They Match Your Needs?

There are different ways in which you can finance your studies with the student loans being some of the most easily accessible options. But how do you know which of the many products available in the market is right for you? It pays off to evaluate as many as possible. Use this EC Finance student loans review to assess these particular products.

accessible to all South Africans

EC Finance is a credit provider that has been operating for more than 7 years. The company operates online and over the phone and this makes its products and services accessible to all South Africans. The customer service is professional and dedicated to the needs of the client. The lender will take into account your individual needs and offer the most suitable available solution.

covering your tuition fees

The student loans of EC Finance work like the traditional personal loans. You can borrow between R1 000 and R50 000. The maximum loan amount should be sufficient for covering your tuition fees for a year of study if you are an undergraduate student. Even if you can cover your fees partially, this will be beneficial.

blacklisted people have good chances of approval

The interest rates charged by this lender are competitive in the short term loan market. However, it is up to you to decide whether they will be affordable to you. Besides, it will depend on your creditworthiness. While blacklisted people have good chances of approval, they can expect to pay higher interest rates. The fees are reasonable, but they have to be taken into account as well since they will form a considerable chunk of your monthly payment.

Term of between 1 month and 5 years

Applicants can select the term of the EC Finance student loans. It can be between 1 month and 5 years. It is important to note that interest begins to accrue once you sign the loan agreement while the repayment of the principal plus interest begins from the next month, if the repayment schedule is based on monthly instalments. There is no initial period during which you can pay interest only. In general, a longer term will make the monthly instalments smaller but will make the loan more expensive as interest will be charged for longer.

This review concludes that the EC Finance student loans can be helpful for covering the major expenses related to your studies.

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