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Virgin Money is a registered credit provider with South Africa’s National Credit Regulator: FSP31730

About – Virgin Money

Virgin Money is a registered South African financial service provider.

We specialise in credit cards and we make them perfect for our customers.

Best rates & the easiest repayment terms.

You will be able to pay all bills and make all purchases easily and quickly without worrying that you may be unable to repay the next month.

We give you maximum flexibility and perfect financial freedom which you can exploit in any way you like.

Assisting our customers in every way possible.

You can access all the information which you require on our website and call us directly when needed.

Services – Virgin Money

If you want the best deal in the market, Virgin Money Credit Card is the right choice for you.

It gives you competitive rates and the hottest extra perks that you can find. You will enjoy maximum flexibility and endless opportunities to save money.

You can apply online or over the phone.

The process is simple & quick – you will get a reply right away.

You will have your card in your pocket in no time to start your shopping.

You can use this unique credit tool for making all kinds of purchases and for managing your budget effectively every month.

Summary of Services

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Bank Accounts
  • Finance Leases
  • Card Products 
  • Transactional Products
  • Lending Products

Virgin Money Credit Cards – Easy & quick access to cash at all times.

There are numerous credit cards in South Africa which can give you this, but they offer different terms and conditions some of which are less favourable than others. Use this Virgin Money credit cards review to evaluate these products and decide whether they can be right for you.

Virgin Money is a registered credit provider operating in South Africa. The company has excellent reputation locally and internationally.

You can expect products and services of very high quality plus complete transparency and reliability.

The Virgin Money credit card is accessible to all South Africans who are over the age of 18 and earn a monthly income of R5,000 or higher.

The income requirement is slightly higher than for most competing cards, but it is quite reasonable given the benefits which you will get. The maximum limit on the card will depend on the actual size of your income.

The interest rate on both purchases and cash transaction is the same. Currently, it is 15.5%.

Highly competitive & very reasonable rate.

It makes the card cheaper compared to a good number of its counterparts. The fact that you will not have to pay a higher interest rate for cash withdrawals is also quite favourable.

The maximum interest-free period which you will get with a Virgin Money credit card is 55 days.

It applies only to purchases and not to cash withdrawals and balance transactions. This is virtually the same offer which you will get from most competitors. It is quite beneficial, but it is not something special.

There are NO card nor transaction fees.

This can save you a good amount of money especially if you do not use the card often. However, there are fees for cash withdrawals and for ATM use. The main extra benefits which you will get include automatic travel insurance and direct free access to the Virgin VIP and Virgin Reward programmes which offer special deals on products and services provided by Virgin companies.

The conclusion of this review is that the Virgin Money credit cards offer highly competitive terms and conditions and great rewards. They can be quite useful.

 Contact Details

South Africa
Ph: 0861 822 273 / 012 317 3112
Em: [email protected]
Em: [email protected]

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