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About Pay Plan Solutions

Pay Plan Solutions established our services in early 1999. Our solutions are based on the outcome of long-term debt relief for our clients.

Our service is delivered through our experience in the financial sector, and with our qualified debt counselling team, who work with our clients to offer value and quality customer service to every single client.

Reliable debt solutions

We are a registered firm of the National Credit Regulator and work in lines with the credit laws of South Africa. We stand on behalf of our clients in court to get a court order to protect them throughout their debt counselling term, from creditors and legal action against them. We also have attorneys who will represent our clients should they need a business solution such as sequestration and liquidation assistance.

Debt consolidation

Our services allow clients to consolidate debt into a reduced and more affordable amount, making paying off your debt a lot easier, and relieving the financial stress on your shoulders.

At Pay Plan Solutions, we work with a number of registered service providers throughout the country, who can assist you with whatever financial service you may need, to get out of debt. This long term contract, will add value to your life, and help you clear your name on the credit bureau.

Pay Plan Solutions Services

Contact us for an array of debt solutions to help clients get out of debt.

We help manage your debt problems so that you can afford your repayments each month, and not have to worry about being threatened by creditors in the future. There are many people struggling with being over-indebted and don’t realise that there are solutions to these problems, without taking out another loan, to cover your loans!

Debt solutions with the following benefits

  • The restructuring of your consolidated debt will allow for an affordable repayment each month, under just one monthly instalment!
  • We distribute the individual payments to your creditors
  • You are protected from harassing and threatening phone calls and legal letters from creditors. Your assets are protected!
  • You save on your budget, giving you more cash to spend on everyday living expenses
  • You get out of debt for good
  • You cannot take out more credit or make more debt when on our contract
  • You get a debt counsellor to help you throughout your term agreement, with all your questions and assist with creditors
  • We can assess your current debt situation with a simple phone call and will take you through the next steps to changing your life forever.

Pay Plan Solutions – Consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation

Benefits of Pay Plan Solutions

  • Reduce your debt
  • Expert advice and guidance

Pay Plan Solutions will help you clear your debt and improve your credit score

We offer debt consolidation services, by alleviating the problem in its tracks, and assisting clients in going forward debt-free.

Debt is a killer emotionally and financially for people in South Africa. We rely on accounts, credit cards and quick loans to get us through the month, however, we are not always able to afford the credit we are so easily given.

How can you become debt-free?

So ask yourself; do you need to reduce your debt into one consolidated repayment, do you want to get rid of creditors hounding you for money, do you want someone to negotiate lower interest rates on your current debt? If you need all of these, then you are looking for assistance at the right place.

By contacting us, we will assign a debt consultant you help you sort out your debt once and for all.

Debt consolidation loans

These loans are offered in secured and unsecured options. Our consultants are able to determine which of these options would best suit your needs, once we have had a chat with you.

After speaking to us telephonically, we will ask for some information from you, supporting documents such as a copy of your ID book, recent bank statements, residential proof, and recent salary slips. We will also need a list of all your creditors, this will include credit cards, personal loans, store accounts and anyone else you owe money to.

From there, we will do an assessment of your debt, and determine which best way is forward for you.

Our advice and guidance is the turning point in your life

You can be on the right path to ridding your debt for good, and we will help you get there. You will no longer be able to buy on credit during the term of your debt review should you opt for this solution, however, this is a positive measure to stop you from making more debt.

Get rid of your debt starting from today, make the decision to better your life, and stay out of debt for good.

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If you looking for an affordable debt consolidation loan, Pay Plan Solutions will give you a great deal.

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