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About – Finance Wizard

The Finance Wizard was established in 2004 by Daveer Ramlall and has gained a solid reputation as a credit provider over the past few years.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a wizard living in your wallet, all you would need to do is ask for the cash you need and you will receive it in seconds.

Personal loans

Well with Finance Wizard our service will feel as though you do, simply log on and wait for the magic to happen. Our speciality is to provide personal loans to South Africans who can’t access the credit facilities offered by the big lenders in the country. We want to put the magic back into finance and help you get a loan with a swish of our financial magic wand.

Apply free of charge

What’s even more magical is the fact that you can apply for one of our loans for free, that means that you have nothing to use. Our loan repayment terms are very flexible and arranged to suit your budget. Our service is professional, friendly and totally free of charge. We have simple procedures for pre-approval to ensure that our clients get the money they wish for, granted in no time.

We have the experience and dedication necessary to provide financial products and services of top quality.

Services – Finance Wizard

Finance Wizard caters to South Africans with bad credit in the same way big banks cater to the needs of their wealthiest clients. We are there for you, to serve your every need and make your financial wishes come true.

We believe that you deserve a chance to manage your finances properly even if you have experienced problems in the past. Your bad credit score doesn’t mean that you will be excluded from the magic, in fact, we will use our powers to grant you the loan that you need.

Quick & affordable loans

It is easy to meet our loan criteria. We offer friendly customer service with easy application processes which can be submitted by fax or by email. Once you apply, we will give you a reply in the shortest possible period of time. We don't fool around.

We deliver what we promise

We are focused on precision, transparency and certainty. Our contracts are very transparent and there are no hidden traps or cost that will catch you off guard later down the line. Simply show that you can afford to repay your loan and we will do the rest.

Summary of Services

  • INSTANT Loans
  • STUDENT Loans
  • BAD Credit Loans

At Finance Wizard, we are dedicated to provide a top quality service

A bad credit record will certainly have a negative impact on your ability to borrow money.

Still, you can find loans which are especially designed for those that have a less than perfect credit record.

Loans for clients with bad credit

This Finance Wizard bad credit loans review will evaluate the quality of these products to help you decide on whether you can use them.

Finance Wizard is a service provider helping people with bad credit record to get finance as easily as if it were magic. Our company has been operating since 2004 and has already helped many people. Our loans are processed entirely online and this makes our service accessible for South Africans from all over the country.

Once we have secured you a loan you will need to pay a small service fee of only R99 once off.

Free Credit Fix toolkit e-book

Finance Wizard bad credit loans are available from reputable micro lenders. Our company’s job is to process your application as quickly as possible and apply to all the lenders that are in our wide network in this way, you will have a better chance of qualifying for at least one loan and getting the cash that you need.

You will avoid the hassle and the risk of credit score damage that is associated with applying to many different lenders at the same time. You can expect your application to be processed quite quickly and to get a reply within 24 hours.

One of the major benefits of working with this us that we will help you secure a variety of credit products designed for people with bad credit. Our loan range includes the traditional unsecured loans plus bridging finance, home loans, and emergency cash.

Negotiate flexible terms

Even if you are blacklisted, you will still be able to negotiate with the lender to arrange the loan terms that can suit your budget. You should not miss out on this opportunity to make the loan easier to repay and possibly more affordable. The ability to negotiate will help you save money.

The interest rates on the Finance Wizard bad credit loans are higher than those on conventional loans. Negotiate with our bad credit lenders to secure a lower rate.

Once you have locked in the deal that you require, sign the loan contract and receive your cash, it really is that easy. This review concludes that the Finance Wizard bad credit loans are versatile and fairly easy to obtain.

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