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About – FinChoice

FinChoice is a registered South African credit provider based in Cape Town and operating nationwide. The company offers a wide variety of fully bespoke personal loans with competitive rates. Out goal is to achieve excellent in everything which we do.

Financial Experts at your Service

We have a team of finance experts who develop the most effective and affordable personal loan solutions which enjoy a high level of competitiveness in the market. Our service is based on complete integrity.

We Deliver what we Promise

We are constantly looking to provide innovation and to make our service even better. We take pride in helping our customers exploit the financial and credit opportunities available on the market by accessing the most competitive short-term loans.

Services – FinChoice

FinChoice is a personal finance specialist offering a wide variety of instant loan products designed to meet the needs of South Africans.

Flexible Loan Terms just for you

You can select from different terms and namely 6, 12 and 24 with our personal loans. At present, our most popular financial product is the 6-month flexi loan.

You can make the right choice for you based on your individual needs and requirements.

Competitive Interest Rates

In addition to flexible terms, you can expect to find competitive interest rates and affordable repayment plans which are custom. We have refined our online loan application process to make it perfectly simple and highly convenient for all our customers.

Summary of Services

  • Business Loan 
  • Quick Loans
  • Home Loans
  • Personal Finance 
  • Asset Financing 
  • Car Loans 
  • Personal Loans

FinChoice Quick Personal Loans – Are They a Good Choice?

You can end up in a cash emergency for all sorts of reasons. The important thing is to get out of it as soon as possible and with as low cost as possible.

This can happen with the right loan. Use this FinChoice quick loans review to find out whether these particular products can match your requirements.

FinChoice is a registered credit provider with solid reputation in the South African market. It is part of Hollard Group and this gives it even greater credibility. You will receive a dedicated service with great personal attention. The focus is always on you - the customer.

10-minute Application Online

The main question is how quick the FinChoice personal loans are. You can have the cash granted to you in your bank account within 24 hours after applying. This is among the fastest services which you will find in the local market.

The online loan application process is carried out over the phone and takes about 10 minutes. It is as convenient as the online application. You can ask questions directly, however, and this is a great benefit to have. Once you are approved and submit the required documents, the money will be wired to your account right away.

Loans of up to R 20,000

With FinChoice personal micro-loans, you can borrow between R100 and R20 000. This gives you considerable flexibility when it comes to the use of the loan. The repayment term options include 1, 6, 12 and 24 months. The term will determine the size of your instalments and the total interest amount which you will owe so you need to select it with care. A shorter term makes the instalments higher and the cost of the loan lower.

The interest rates are fixed and so are the monthly instalments. You should not expect any nasty surprises. You will be able to plan the repayment of the loan effectively. Other benefits which you will get include the opportunity for managing your short-term loan online, redraw options and a free insurance cover.

This review's verdict is that the FinChoice personal loans are among the speediest which you can find. They are fairly affordable and come with great additional benefits as well.

 Contact Details

78 Main Rd, Wynberg, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7800, South Africa
Ph: 0861 346 246
Fx: 021 680 8260

 Postal Address

Private Bag X50, Claremont, 7735, South Africa

 Opening Hours

  • Monday 08:00 – 17:00
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