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About – FinChoice

Being named amongst one of the South African credit provider has not only been a formality for us but we took it as financial responsibility to our customers.

This is probably one of the reasons why we ensured that our services are not only utilized by people in Cape Town but all through South Africa

Making FinChoice your reliable credit provider

We know how difficult it must be to be working with people who you can’t trust especially when it comes to personal loan services. This is the reason why we took the initiative of ensuring that we hire the best personnel in the financial industry who will help you all the way through your credit application journey.

Efficiency is the name of our game

Seeing that every individual may need help short-term loans once in life, it is only fitting that we create an environment that will make the client feel at ease with coming to us for assistance. This way, they will be able to get better clarity on their credit application as well.

Services – FinChoice

The last thing you want when you are applying for a credit plan is to be told you have to wait for days or maybe even weeks before you are notified of the outcome.

With FinChoice, your instant loan application will be finalized within two business days.

The client has the final say

The client has the right of choosing the repayment period of their personal loans. After all, nobody knows better than the actual customer how their budget for the month is looking.

Affordable interest rates for our clients

One of the reasons we made our online loan application to be convenient is so that customers can apply at any given time of the day. Furthermore, we have made our interest rates to be affordable so that everybody can apply for it.

Since you really can’t do much about an emergency that may require you to get a loan right away, you can at least have the opportunity of being awarded a loan that charges very low-interest rates.

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Summary of Services

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  • QUICK Loans
  • HOME Loans
  • CAR Loans 
  • PERSONAL Loans

At FinChoice, we strive to provide you with quick & easy personal loans

We have designed our system in such a manner that you can see for yourself whether you qualify for quick loans or not. This can be completed by finding out or criteria and we will see if you meet the requirements or not.

FinChoice is an authorized credit provider that solely focuses on ensuring that clients get the best deals. After all, we want to ensure that you are not given more than you can afford but rather just enough. We are concerned about meeting our customer’s requirements.

10 minutes is all it takes

FinChoice personal loans are fast and easy to receive. Depending on how fast it will take you to submit your documents, the money could be made available into your bank account within one or two business days.

Once you have applied for your online loan application, we will check your credit request and get back to you as soon as possible. Furthermore, you may be required to submit a few documents for verification and assessment processes. Once everything is cleared, your loan will only be approved after you have signed off your agreements.

A customer can get up to R20 000

Our FinChoice personal micro-loans are available for everybody who meets our criteria and the maximum amount of money a customer can get is R20 000. However, it is important to ensure that you only apply for exactly the amount you need so that you don’t see yourself paying for a loan you didn’t really need at the time.

The perks of having a short-term loan online are the fact that you will have the opportunity of controlling your credit plan while you are actually paying for it at the same time. This way, there is no reason for the client to visit our offices; everything is available within easy reach.

Our clients have gathered that we offer quick and easy financial services that are what people look for when they have intentions of applying for credit. Speed, convenience and affordability are always on top of their credit advance list.

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