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About – Study Loans SA

Study Loans SA helps you take your dreams further.

We know you may have high expectations of your future, and getting there may require extra education to qualify for a degree or diploma.

We know what you need

Studies can cost you quite a bit, depending on the times frame of your course and also the course which you want to go further in. Getting cash to fund your studies can be difficult, especially if you are a recent school leaver, and have not yet gotten a full time employment.

No matter what yours situation, we wil help you get a student loan to take your dreams further.

Expansive experience

With our experience in assisting students over the years, we have managed to partner with a list of partner colleges, which work closely with us to educate students on credit. These college partners offer impeccable benefits to our students and for those who are serious about taking their studies further will benefit throughout their journey of education.

Affordable loans

Our student loans are designed to be affordable and work within the time frame of your studies. We want to see you succeed and make the most out of your future. We can help you achieve your goals and help you afford the tertiary education you require to get there.

Services – Study Loans SA

Versatile and flexible lender with reliable and beneficial study and student loan options.

Because we have partnered with top colleges, we are able to work with you and your college of choice to secure your studies and provide payment on your behalf.

Our student loans

This student loan will be worked out over the term of your studies, and divided into monthly instalments for your budgeting purposes. If you have an existing student loan with us, and can afford to pay extra on another loan, we will assist you with this.

Should there comes a time where you are unable to pay off your instalments, simply contact us, and we will arrange another plan for you, which will accommodate this situation. Once your student loan is approved, we will contact the college that you want to enrol with and move forward to getting your registration completed.

Anyone wanting to study further can apply for student loans

We do however only work with the colleges on our partner listing, so looking into those colleges would be beneficial to start with should you wish to get finance from Study Loans SA. We want to see you further your education to reach your greatest potential. The application is the starting point to reaching your dreams.

Summary of Services

  • Student Loans

We believe in your future & offer student loans to get you further

Partnering with colleges across the country, to make getting a student loan easier for those who want to further their studies.

Our clients can apply at any of our partner colleges, and receive a handy and convenient pay as you study student loan.

This is beneficial to those students who are not quite earning a full time salary, and are reliant on a part time job. Your parents may have signed surety for your student loan, and you can only afford to pay them back a small amount of your part time salary each month.

Affordable terms and rates

Whatever your situation, we will work out an affordable repayment structure, based on the student loan amount you have applied for, and work within the terms of what can be paid back each month. With this loan, the total amount would need to be paid off in full by the end of your study time.

How to apply?

To apply, students (or your parents) can apply through our convenient online application process.

It’s quick & simple

You would need to get a summary of costs for the studies you will be taking part in on order for us to know what amount you need. Your application will be verified under the normal loan processes, and we will inform you timeously of the outcome.

Taking your studies further can make a positive impact to your future

Depending on what you are studying, this can enhance your career fourfold, and benefit you with an education further than your normal school studies.

With Study Loans SA, we give our clients the opportunity to make use of the financial opportunities we have available for them to take their lives further. We want to be part of your success story, and assist you with the necessary cash you need to get there.

Apply on our website today, and let us work out an agreement and quotation for you. We will take into account the cost of the studies and the term or length of the learning period, and come up with a monthly instalment amount that will work in line with your budget.

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