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About Study Loans SA

Our job at Study Loans SA is to ensure that your academic dreams are turned into a reality by offering you student loans to qualifying customers.

We have the right financial resources

It was difficult to get finance for education in the past due to a number of contributing factors. However, nowadays, it has become slightly easier to get a student loan. As long as you meet all our requirements, the money is yours to spend.

Benefits that come with Study Loans SA

There are a number of higher education institutions that we work with to ensure that all your academic needs are met. When you have been around for as long as we have, you have to start making the right kinds of contacts and relationships.

Can I afford a Study Loan SA loan?

This is the million dollar question that everybody would like to know. However, customers will be pleased to know that our student loans are affordable and accessible to all South African citizens.

Study Loans SA Services

It is crucial that our customers get the academic career choice they have enrolled for. Furthermore, a successful loan application will make everything slightly easier to accomplish.

What do we offer?

We give qualifying clients a student loan that is not too expensive to pay off in monthly instalments. Not everybody is afforded the opportunity of becoming a graduate. It is our job to ensure that possible at all costs.

Who can apply for a student loan?

As long as you want a qualification and have registered for a course at a higher institution, you can apply. This is the only way to ensure that you get finance.

Partnering to equip future leaders

With a successful loan application on our student loan, we know we have changed somebody’s life. We know we have awakened a dream in somebody who might have already thrown the towel.

Study Loans SA – Student loan

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Benefits of Study Loans SA

  • Financial solutions for students
  • Affordable loan options

Student loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this quick loans calculator is subject to our terms of use.

We believe in your future & offer student loans to get you further

In order to ensure that you stick well within your repayment schedule, it is best to pay your loan every month and not skip any month. Make a direct debit order system to make the payment process convenient for you.

Where can I apply?

Log on to our website and complete the online application.

How long will it take?

The completion will not take much of your time. If you follow and answer all the prescribed questions, you should be done in ten minutes.

Change your life with a Study Loans SA student loan

Life has become difficult lately. It makes matters even worse when you don’t have any formal education behind your name. Life is already a battlefield for people who are learned and have jobs; it shouldn’t be as easy if you don’t have a qualification. Change your life and apply for a student loan that will help you when everybody else has turned their back on you. At the end of the day, education is that one friend that will never desert you.

It is important to understand that life won’t necessarily be better now that you have a formal qualification but it will be better than the person that has to start all the way down. Let us help you give yourself a gift that can’t be taken from you. When you educate yourself, you are empowering your knowledge and capabilities to be able to stand tall in the demanding market that we have today. Life can always be a story that you want to tell as long as you sign up for our student loan.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

They deliver a fast and very efficient service.

Maletsatsi M
— Vereeniging —

March 2019

I was surprised at how affordable my student loan actually was. As someone who tries to save every penny I can, this really helped me out.

Amanda V
— East London —

April 2019

The online application made things convenient because I was able to apply while sitting at home and it took me less than 15 minutes to fill it in.

Toney L
— Kimberley —

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