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About – Urgent Cash Loans

Urgent Loans in South Africa provide simple and effective lending solutions to cover your educational needs.

We work fast, we don’t beat around the bush as we know then your term starts you know you need a heads up way in advance to register and get your enrolment in before the year starts.

Loans to suit your needs are at the top of our priority list

So when you need a loan to take your studies further, look no further, we can help you with the cash you need. We offer convenient, simple and reliable student loan services, throughout South Africa.

We don’t limit you to any college or institution

We don’t make you wait till the middle of the term before we pay your tuition.

We simply assist you now, and get the payment to your college made in the fastest turnaround times. We not only provide the financial means, but we are highly qualified and experienced to assist with the choice you have to make financially going forward. We will help you work out the entire study time frame with your study fees, and work out an exceptional rate, in which to pay off your student loan.

We are client focused; your best interest always comes first to us.

Services – Urgent Cash Loans

We understand the situation you may be in once you finish your schooling years.

Trying to find a job without a decent qualification backing you up can be tricky. With the world changing at a pace, and education being a key focus in moving our country forward, everyone wants to get the tertiary education they need to make a decent living.

Enrolling in college to further your studies is costly

The time frames of some studies can take three to four years in college. This can cost you a fortune, as well as only relying on part time employment when you are studying full time.

Whichever option you decide to apply for, you can rely on Urgent Cash for your student loans.

You have options with us

If you cannot afford to pay for your student loans yourself, we also offer the option of your parents to pay on your behalf.

Being a student can have a financial strain on your life, with the lack of free time to go out and find a full time job, you may be relying on part time jobs here and there to cover your general expenses.

Your parents can qualify to pay for your student loans through the same application process.

Summary of Services

  • Student loans
  • Vehicle finance
  • Personal loans

Get a student loan fast with easy repayment terms

Urgent Cash Loans in South Africa are paving the way to a successful career venture for many students in the country.

With cash not always an available option for young school leavers, paying off a student loan can make your life easier.

We are a responsible lending company designed to assist students in furthering their potential in the career world. This starts from when you leave school and decide you want to get a higher education, which can often take years.

During these years, you may only have time to take up a part time job, thus not earning a solid concrete monthly salary.

Various options to suit your needs

We offer you the opportunity to get your parents to sign on your behalf, to ensure your student loan is paid off. Once you have applied through our online application platform, we will arrange a complete and reasonable repayment structure that will allow you to have paid off your study loan by the end of that study term.

What you need to know before applying

  • TO APPLY, your will need to supply supporting documentation to get approval on your loan.
  • IN MOST cases we require a grade 12 certificate and a copy of the studying details that you will be encountering. This must include the cost of the total study term.
  • YOU WILL need to supply a valid ID document, preferably a South African one. We will need proof on your parent income (recent salary slips).
  • IF YOU have enrolled in the course you wish to study, we will need a copy of that registration documentation.
  • ONCE YOU have submitted the application, we take only a few days to get back to you with an approval and ready to discuss the payment of your studies.

Everything you need is available on our website

We also have a direct contact number available for you to discuss options and get valuable advice from our team of experienced and friendly consultants, who are readily available to take your call.

Start planning your future from the minute you apply for a student loan. We can help you reach your potential and take your life into a positive space of education.

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