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Imperial Bank

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About – Imperial Bank

Imperial Bank offers clients a new way of banking through technology and innovative online platforms, making life less complicated.

Customarily it has been troublesome for smaller financial specialists to discover establishments suitable for overseeing accounts to offer single platform projects and online banking solutions to their clients.

Innovative technology

Technology is commonly valued at a large expense and intended for expansive establishments with enrolment in national and worldwide clearing platforms. It was in view of this TriStar Imperial was created, an easy to understand electronic platform for an account interface for little and medium corporates and financial foundations.

With us, our clients can get single platform system, to view account explanations, to exchange assets, to load check cards and correspond safely with client administrations.

What can online banking do for you?

  • Pay your bills while travelling or away from home
  • Transfer funds at the office or after hours
  • View your mortgage balance and be in control of your expenses
  • Our online platforms provide an efficient and easier way for our clients to be more in control of their banking and financial obligations in real time. We offer basic reporting via an online platform for audit purposes through safe and secure solutions.
  • The interaction with correspondent banks guarantees the exchange of any message types in accordance with the regulations of ISO/TC 68 (Telex, SWIFT, etc.)

Services – Imperial Bank

Imperial supports customers who are looking for security, liquidity and return on their investments.

For security, the credit institute has built a sizable capital reserve and with a focused investment strategy combines diversification benefits with intensive credit and market risk analysis. We have the ability to repurchase tradable instruments at little cost to customers and respond quickly and flexibly to our client’s needs.

The leading edge of the financial services

Imperial offers a competitive return on the funds deposited by the banks, credit Institutes and international organizations. Fulfilment of our customer’s financial and banking needs is our main focus from the very beginning. We always endeavour to comprehend our clients' specific needs and act on realistic opportunities for them to benefit.

We aim to provide clients with the best market investment opportunities, and the highest level of expert service they can get. We are long term driven, looking at our clients future as well as the present, to ensure we maintain our client relationships and invest in clients locally and internationally.

Imperial innovation

We encourage creativity and flexibility in all we do, always looking at new innovative ways to be on top of the market. We pioneer practices and techniques which become unique within our group and the industry.

Summary of Services

  • BANKING Services
  • LOAN Services

Imperial Bank has the leading edge in technology combined with banking

Quality in our service delivery is our main objective for our customers.

We get it right the first time and excel in our after service delivery going forward for the long term. Because we live in a rollercoaster economic market, we ensure we are on top of the profitable growing investment markets and keep our clients on the same growing level.

We provide professional, expertise and passion for our industry, and our people are out of the box thinkers, going the extra mile and beyond to keep customers happy and financially sound. It is vital for us to identify, recruit and train the very best and dedicated person for each position.

Imperial ethics

Our reputation and our people is the key to our success. Our employees maintain a high ethical standard in all they do. Integrity, honesty, impartiality and confidentiality are the prize attributes of our business. As an organization in a growing and demanding industry, we are dedicated to complying fully with laws and rules that govern us.

Our continued success depends upon the adherence to upholding the standards and expectations of the financial ethos.

Imperial objective

Our objective is to provide products relevant to our specific client’s needs, outstanding and expert services, and innovative processes which make our clients lives a little easier.

A leading financial firm around the globe

Imperial specialises in advisory and lead management in the financial and investment operations. We act as an intermediary and are extremely knowledgeable and up to date with the latest investment developments in the financial market.

We stay on top of the market through analysing where opportunities knock, research and market forecasting for the benefit of our clients.

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