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About Marlin Credit

Marlin Credit is an experienced provider of bridging finance solutions. Our company is based in Cape Town and is fully dedicated to serving customers in every way possible.

We welcome all people to take advantage of our products and services. We specialize in bridging finance to both individuals and businesses throughout the whole of South Africa. Our main focus is to provide bridging loans. These bridging loans cover pension bridging finance, property bridging finance and many other bridging finance options.

Quick loan approvals

Ever since we opened our doors in 2000 we have prided ourselves in assisting clients with bridging finance while they are waiting for their funds to clear. Our application process was designed to be easy to use and efficient, for this reason, we offer a turnaround time of 1 hour for approvals. You will need to meet certain lending criteria and provide all the supporting documents that we have requested.

If you have recently sold your home you may be waiting for the registration and transfer to take place before you receive any money for the sale, this can cause cash flow problems especially if you are looking to purchase a new property. If you need to pay for registration or transfer fees you can use a bridging loan until you receive the money form the sale of your property.

Developed by experts in the industry

No matter whether you plan to buy a house or make a major new investment in your small business, we are here to help you get started. All of our products have been developed by experts in the industry who have a full understanding of the needs of South African citizens. We provide dedicated customer service at all times.

Marlin Credit Services

We know that there is no such thing as one size fits all in the case of bridging finance. That is why we are here to offer personalized products to both individuals and businesses.

Marlin Credit has a high reputation in the industry and has achieved a top level of customer satisfaction over the years. Marlin Credit will advance you a portion of the proceeds that you are due to receive so that you are not strapped for cash while you wait.

Useful and affordable finance

Another option that we offer our clients is a further/second bond this service can take up to 30 days to be approved so apply well before you need the funding. We believe that we can find a solution to every financial issue with our personal loans. Our staff are committed to helping clients get the most useful and affordable finance to meet their short and long term goals. We can help you take all the major steps in your life from buying your own home to starting your own company.

Friendly, highly personalised service

Marlin Credit is a small lender that is based in Cape Town. Our company works primarily with local customers but, can accommodate people from other parts of South Africa as well. You can expect a friendly and highly personalised service when applying for a personal loan.

One of the major benefits of working with a small lender is our personal professional customer service. We will make every effort to come up with the most suitable solution for you.

Marlin Credit – Home loan

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Benefits of Marlin Credit

  • Property bridging finance
  • Pension bridging finance

Buying your first home should be easy, that's why we offer our clients easy & straightforward home loans

The purchase of a home is an important deal that requires a great deal of though and planning. You have to ensure that you will receive sufficient finance to conclude it.

This Marlin Credit home loans review provides a thorough and objective evaluation of these financial products. Read it to decide on their usefulness for you.

Finance the purchase of a property

Marlin Credit home loans were designed to provide bridging finance. Our loans are the most suitable for home buyers who currently own a house and want to sell it.

The bridging loan option is backed by the proceeds from selling your house which will be generated at a later date. This loan can be used for making the deposit on buying a new house. The larger the deposit is a smaller size of the mortgage loan. Generally, bridging finance is a great way to finance the purchase of your property. Ensure that the terms and conditions match your requirements.

Each deal is arranged individually

Since bridging finance is so specific, each deal is arranged individually and designed to meet your individual requirements. You can expect Marlin Credit home loans to offer a good level of flexibility on our repayment terms.

The loan amount will be based on the sale price of your house and on the proceeds after paying off the outstanding mortgage balance and other expenses. You will be able to select the term of the loan. The shorter it is the greater your savings will be. Our interest rates are highly competitive but you need to ensure that they match your ability to repay the loan.

The conclusion of this review is that the Marlin Credit home loans are a good choice for obtaining bridging finance, which you can use for buying a new house.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

February 2019

Marlin Credit will never give you a credit plan that wouldn’t suit your budget. I am a happy customer because I got an affordable home loan.

Peter J
— Fochville —

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