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About – GPF Mortgage

GPF Mortgage is South Africa’s most popular mortgage search site that empowers our clients to take their home loan search a step further.

If you have applied for a home loan with your bank but have had your loan application declined in the past due to your bad credit score or other financial issues then we will be able to assist you. Our aim is to have your loan application approved regardless of your credit score. Our service also offers debt consolidation and debt counselling for those clients that need it.

We work in a savvy way

We have had an incredible increase in clients signing up to use our services each year. We have the ability to secure relationships with top banking firms and lenders in the country to give you the best and most direct home loan offers. Our home loans offer competitive fees and a favourable interest rate. Our clients get the chance for property finance and can sit back while we do all the work for them.

What we offer our customers

Find a home loan with no red tape, no hidden costs, and no hassles. Our business has over 15 years’ experience in the industry and we have the experts to help you with all you need to know in the home loan industry. Our quality driven administrations are one of our most prominent attractions in the business because they get the job done quickly.

Your dream home can become a reality

Enrol online with GPF Mortgage today and begin arranging your moving date to your fantasy home. Let us search for the lender that will provide you with the home loan services that you deserve.

Services – GPF Mortgage

We are the best loan comparison platform from top finance providers in the country and find you the perfect match to your home loan search.

We take into consideration the amount you need, the amount you can afford to pay back, your income and expenses. You can choose the terms you would like to repay your loan over.

Our service has helped our clients own their own homes for over 15 years.

We are a trusted name in home loans

We are continuously striving for new knowledge and our lender database helps to ensure our clients are the ones to benefits at the end of the day. We offer a turnaround time of no longer than 48 hours once we receive all the information we need and can set up a pre-approval for your home loan.

Highest success rates of approval in the country

As an independent bond originator, we don’t rely on other third party businesses to keep our business thriving. We are able to secure rates and interest that are in a much lower bracket than our preferred lending banks and partners. We offer informative and useful online tools for clients to use at their disposal.

Use our online calculators

We have loan calculators as well as handy advice for first-time home buyer.

Summary of Services

  • HOME Loans
  • PROPERTY Finance
  • LOAN Finding Service

Don't settle for less, get a home loan from GPF Mortgage today!

Let us help you make the process of getting a home loan a less difficult one.

We are one of South Africa’s preferred online search platforms which make life easier for our clients. We offer a number of highly credentialed property finance providers on our list of preferred vendors. This enables clients to get the best possible rates and deals on their home loans requirements.

Do you qualify?

To find out if you qualify for a home loan why not use our handy calculating tools online. These tools will help you work out what you would qualify for before actually applying for a home loan. We recommend that for 100% approval on your home loan, you have a perfect credit score.

This will make the process streamlined with no little glitches along the way. Clients who are not sure of their credit status can use free online tools such as Experian, to get a full detailed report on their credit status.

No bond fees on your next home loan

If you have a good credit score you can also qualify for a much lower prime interest rate on your overall home loan. There are benefits for everyone and you can secure a better deal by working through GPF Mortgage than you would if you go directly through a bank or private lender.

If you currently have a home loan with another firm, we can lower your fees by helping you switch! We have options for clients who are looking into refinancing their homes or that wish to apply for a second mortgage.

We have whatever you have been searching for

Whether it’s a new home or property, a second or third home, or even refinancing on your original home, we have the leverage in the industry to support your needs. Simply register on our website by providing your personal details. We will take your registration details and contact you.

We take your requirements and put them through our uniquely created search engine this allows us to find you exactly what you are looking for through a list of our preferred lenders in the home loan industry. Each of which has its own bundle of benefits, low rates and easily affordable repayment terms.

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