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About – Mortgage Max Pro

Mortgage Max Pro is part of Mortgage Max, which is one of the leading experts in mortgage origination in the South African market. It works with all major and many smaller lenders in the country to source the best products for its customers and to make online loan application and approval easy and quick.

Online home loans

Buying your own home is a very exciting experience sadly many South Africans will never get to experience this feeling without the help of a home loan. We specialise in granting you the funds you need in order to purchase your dream property. Our company is based in Johannesburg but helps clients throughout South Africa. Applying for a home loan via our website is incredibly easy and quick to apply for, you will need to adhere to special lending criteria and provide the following documents in order to apply.

Documents needed to apply include:

  • Your South African ID (must be valid)
  • A copy of your last 3 months bank statements
  • Your last 3 payslips
  • A bank consent form that is signed by the originator

Services – Mortgage Max Pro

Mortgage Max Pro is a South African company specialising in bond finance and home loans.

Once you have decided that you would like to become a homeowner, we will provide full assistance with securing the finance which you need to purchasing or building your house. We have long term partnerships with all the leading lenders in the country.

Experience and complete dedication

Our years of experience allow us to find you the best bond and personal loans which are the most affordable and flexible. We offer you a variety of solutions while you make the final choice. Our service is based on years of experience and complete dedication to the customer. You can expect only the best in every respect.

Full assistance throughout the process

Our team will be there to assist you throughout every step of the process from finding the house that you would like to purchase to assisting with registration and completing the transfer. As we specialize in bridging finance and have many options available to our clients we will be able to help you increase your cash flow and free up money that you may need to finalize the sale of your current property.

Summary of Services

  • HOME Loans 
  • FIRST-TIME Investment 

Quick & easy online home loan application; we like to make it convenient for our clients

The purchase of a home is quite exciting but comes with a lot of responsibilities.

You have to ensure that you will receive the best finance deal given your individual needs and requirements. This Mortgage Max Pro home loans review will assess the quality of these products and help you decide whether you can use them for buying your dream home.

Empowering you to make the right decisions

Mortgage Max Pro is a home loan originator with considerable experience. Our company enjoys a great reputation for our highly comprehensive service which we offer. If you are looking for true mortgage specialists, you can use our services with confidence. You will receive complete assistance with everything which you need and enough information to be able to make the right decisions regarding home finance.

Compare a large number of loans

Mortgage Max Pro home loans are provided by the top leading lenders in South Africa such as Standard Bank, FNB, Absa and Nedbank. Our job is to compare the different products based on your needs and to pick the ideal one for you.

We help you to compare a large number of loans and this gives very high chances of getting the best one for you. The quality of our products is guaranteed, given the fact that they have come from the major banks in the country. You can only win in this situation.

Favourable terms and conditions

You can expect to receive highly favourable terms and conditions on your home loan. The interest rate can be over 1 percentage point lower than what the lender has to offer.

Select between a fixed and variable interest rate then select the term of the loan. It can be up to 25 years in most cases. Just keep in mind that a longer term will make the monthly instalments smaller and the total interest payment higher just as with any personal loan.

The conclusion of our review

One major advantage of using Mortgage Max Pro loans is that you will get full assistance with the online loan application process. This will boost your chances of getting approved. The specialists will be there for you until the deal is completed.

Overall, the verdict of this review is that the Mortgage Max Pro home loans offer highly favourable terms and conditions and can be very useful to home buyers.

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Ph: 074 0410782 / 011 803 9820
Fx: 0862 935 377

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