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About – Debt Lab

DebtLab is the financial service provider you can rely on when choosing a credit card, personal loan, insurance or a cell phone contract. We specialise in these areas plus debt management and counselling and life insurance. We are here to take the burden off your shoulders and give you the best deal without hassle.

Get the the best possible terms and conditions

We work with a large network of reputable credit companies in South Africa so you can trust us with making applications on your behalf. Our negotiation experts will ensure that you get the deal which you apply for and the best possible terms and conditions. We will assist you with everything you need at no extra charge.

Services – Debt Lab

DebtLab is the service which you need when looking for a short-term loan or a credit card. With hundreds of credit providers in South Africa, your chances of finding the most affordable deal on your own are minimal. When you choose to work with us, we will automatically deliver the best offers available in the market from the top lenders in the country.

the absolute best

We will help you make the best choice without wasting time and effort. We will take care of your application and ensure that it will get accepted. What's more, we will negotiate the best terms and conditions on your behalf which will save you from having to do all the hard work yourself and will even improve your chaces of getting approved for a credit card or loan. 

Summary of Services

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Bank Accounts
  • Finance Leases
  • Card Products 
  • Transactional Products
  • Lending Products

Debt Lab Credit Cards - Will You Get What You Are Looking for

There are times when you just do not have sufficient cash in your wallet to make a purchase or pay a bill. In this case, an affordable credit card can resolve your problem in no time. How do you find the right card for you? This Debt Lab credit cards review will assess these products to help you decide if they are right for you. Debt Lab is a service provider dedicated to matching consumers to the best financial products for them. The company has extensive experience and its online service is used by many people with great success. You can expect professional assistance and great processing speed.

finding the card with lowest interest and fees

The Debt Lab credit cards are provided by many different lenders. You simply need to make an application to the company via their website and outline your needs and requirements. They will use the provided information to compare the cards which the various lenders have to offer and pick the perfect match to the search criteria determined by you. Basically, the service will save you time and effort and this is always beneficial for any busy modern person. It can save you quite a lot of money as well by finding the card with lowest interest and fees.

Credit from Leading, Registered Lenders

You should know that the Debt Lab credit cards are of very good quality. They come from registered lenders only. The lenders have excellent reputation and are perfectly dependable. The cards come with a variety of benefits. The service provider can secure an interest-free period of as much as 60 days for you. They can also negotiate a flexible and affordable international credit card for you.

know the outcome of your application within 24 hours

The service provider will handle the credit card application on your behalf. You can rely on their connections with the credit providers for qualifying for a better product. This is a great advantage to have, especially if you are applying for a card online with a higher credit limit. The processing of the documents is very fast. You will know the outcome of your application within 24 hours. Overall, this review's verdict is that the Debt Lab credit cards are highly competitive and easy and quick to obtain.

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