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About – Debt Lab

DebtLab is the service provider of choice for thousands of South Africans looking for fast and efficient micro finance.

We specialise in personal loans, credit cards, debt management, insurance quotes and cell phone contracts. We will find the product which matches your needs and requirements perfectly and handle your application from start to finish.

We work with a wide range of reputable lenders and have a strong partnership with them.

This gives us a great bargaining power and the highest chances of getting you approved for a loan with the best terms and conditions.

Our service is available at no extra charge.

Services – Debt Lab

With DebtLab, you are guaranteed to find the best payday loan easily and quickly.

All you have to do is to fill out our online form and submit it. We will take over from there.

We will match your requirements to the best products of leading South African micro lenders. We always take things one step further and negotiate the best deal directly. We will use all our expertise and the excellent connections which we have in the industry to get your loan approved.

With our service, you will get cash quickly into your account without any hassle.

We have the most convenient repayment terms too.

Summary of Services

  • Student Loans
  • Direct Loans
  • Indirect Loans
  • Micro Loans 
  • Bad Credit Instant Loans 
  • Consolidation Loans 
  • Instant Cash Loans 
  • Instant Loans
  • Long Term Loans
  • Blacklisted Loans

Debt Lab will help find the right payday loan for you.

When you need to get a quick cash loan, a payday credit product can help you out without you having to make long-term commitments.

There are many such products in the market at present and this may make it difficult for you to make a choice. The best course of action is to assess popular opportunities in greater detail.

This Debt Lab payday loans review intends to evaluate these products to help you decide whether they can be of use to you.

Debt Lab is a provider of services designed to help consumers find a loan for them.

The company operates entirely online and this makes their services accessible to all South Africans. The service provider has been in the industry for over 10 years and has an ever growing client base. You can expect a quick, simple, friendly and reliable service.

It's completely free of charge.

The Debt Lab payday loans are provided by a variety of micro lenders. When you make an online application, the consultant who will be working with you will note down your requirements and select the product which matches them in the best possible way

The financial experts at Debt Lab will process your loan application and submit it directly to the lender.

All applications are processed within 24 hours.

If you get approved, you will be offered a deal. You can accept it or reject it. This is a matter of personal choice. If you accept the deal and submit all required documents, you can have the cash in your bank account on the next day or on the day after.

All Debt Lab payday loans come from registered lenders adhering to the rules and regulations of the National Credit Act. This guarantees you a fair interest rate. You can expect it to be attractive. The fees are reasonable. Still, you have to decide whether the offer is affordable to you. You will have to meet the lender's individual qualifying criteria as well.

Overall, this review finds the Debt Lab payday loans to be quite diverse. They are quite fast and fairly easy to get.

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19 Loop Street, Cape Town, Western Cape, 8001, South Africa
Ph: 021 300 1077
Fx: 086 696 0686

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