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About – Short Term Loans 24

At Short Term Loans 24 you get friendly service and instant approval on your payday loan.

We know there are many competitors in the market, all driving fast and friendly services, however, we know we are different. We put our clients first, throughout every step of every loan application. We use the partnerships of some of our best lenders in SA, to assist you with the loan you need.

Each lender offer different benefits to fit your budget

What makes our services different is that we save you time and help get your money quicker, when your cash flow during the month just isn’t covering all your expenses or account payments for that specific month.

Another unique feature of ours is that we are a 24/7 lending site

Because we work through an online platform, our clients have access to our loans anytime and any day. The technology we provide ensures nothing is delayed, and your loan application will run smoothly whenever you apply.

With thousands of happy clients under our services, we offer existing clients even more benefits, as their loan amounts increase as they pay off their loans. We have something for everyone, and a loan to meet every need.

Apply now and have cash in your bank account within hours!

Services – Short Term Loans 24

A payday loan package of up to R1 500 through an instant decision and fast application process.

This cash can be used to cover any emergency payments that have come up throughout the month, that isn’t usually on your expense list. In fact, this could be a month from hell, will accounts to be paid, overdue credit card payments and more to add to the stress of your month.

Don’t let one bad month set you back financially

We can have cash in your bank account within hours! We are transparent with our fees; we provide a full breakdown of our charges, without any hidden extras cropping up along the way.

Easiest loan platform out there

Get the paperless loan solution, no documents to fax or email, through secure and protected platforms.

Get cash to cover your financial needs 

We have a list of partner lenders that we work with, that all offer their own diverse benefits, of which you will find the one that best fits your specific needs.

Get cash when you need it most

Don’t delay to get a payday loan now, pay off what you need to, and get all the lending options that you could possibly need under one online platform.

Summary of Services

  • UNSECURED short-term loans
  • PAYDAY loans
  • CASH loans
  • DEBT consolidation loans
  • LOANS for blacklisted
  • PERSONAL loans

Short Term Loans 24 offers a payday loan to help your financial struggle

Short Term Loans 24, understand the financial struggle our customers experience some months.

This can often be a regular occurrence, especially if you don’t source the help you need straight away.

By help, we mean a payday loan

A payday loan to be the end of your monthly struggles in covering emergency payments, and overdue accounts. We know that sometimes, our salary just doesn’t meet the mark when it comes to lasting the whole month.

There is help, and we have it

Our services are unique, because we source the best option and pricing categories for your loan requirements. Our clients can get up to R2 500 extra this month, to use as they please. We use the partnerships of some of our best lenders in the market, to assist you with the loan you need.

Each lender offer different benefits to fit your budget. Apply now on our online platform, and let us source the best fit for you. Once we have your application we will provide options, for you to choose from.

Some of our lenders include

  • MPOWA – who offers clients up to R2 500. You get a speedy approval within minutes. Their services are also mobile enhanced, keeping you updated on the move.
  • HopOn Loans - offer short term loans and payday loans ranging between R5 250 and R20 000. These are larger amounts for those clients who can afford to borrow a little more and pay back more at the end of the month (or their next pay check).
  • Boodle Loans – offer clients an amount of up to R8 000 with repayment term of 41 days! New clients can borrow up to R2 500, and increase their amount on their second and third application.
  • Loandfinder SA – one of the largest lenders in the country, offer a far greater loan amount, however more for short term clients who want to pay over a longer.
  • – with no application fees involved, you can get a payday loan that best suits your budget. Get up to R15 000 to cover those little emergencies.

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