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About – Khula Enterprise Finance Limited

Ever since its establishment in 1996, Khula Enterprise Limited has been the leading lender for the growth of the SME industries.

For over sixteen years, the company has been highly active in the private and the public sector.

The company specialises in the financing of businesses in the SME industries allowing them to contribute to the economy of South Africa.

Low mark up and affordable repayment schedule

Khula Enterprise Limited offers loans to all types of businesses for all sorts of purposes. The quick cash loans boast with maximum convenience, low mark up and affordable repayment schedule.

The company is known for offering the most convenient credit products in the market.

Services – Khula Enterprise Finance Limited

When credit applicants are looking for financing from the leading retail banks in South Africa like Standard Bank, Nedbank, FNB and ABSA, they have the opportunity to apply for credit indemnity to get maximum satisfaction and certainty and perfect peace of mind.

Excellent reputation and a long-term presence

It does not matter what type of financing they are seeking to meet their needs. Direct financing is offered via intermediaries that have excellent reputation and long-term presence in the South African financial market.

Some of the main ones include New Business Finance, Business Partners and Cape Capital. The competitive rates and the attractive terms and conditions are guaranteed.

Summary of Services

  • CREDIT Indemnity 
  • DIRECT Finance 
  • JOINT Ventures 
  • FRANCHISING Opportunities

Khula Business – Can They Give Your Business a Boost

You have a business plan and you want to grow and develop your company in South Africa. But where do you get finance if you do not have valuable enough assets to place as collateral? Use this Khula business loans review to find out if they can be a solution to your problem.

Khula Finance Enterprise Ltd. is a company created and run by the Department of Trade and Industry of the Government of South Africa (DTI South Africa). The company does not provide and manage business loans. Its job is to facilitate the loans provided by commercial banks to small, micro and medium enterprises (SMME). It does this by compensating the lenders for the losses which they incur in case the business borrowers are unable to repay their debt.

the most dependable and easily accessible loans

Since the Khula business loans are virtually backed by the government, they are among the most dependable and most easily accessible to the owners of small to medium sized businesses which are just starting out. There are strict requirements for participating in the programme and for obtaining the loans but, if you have a well-established business plan and a solid foundation, you will get the funds.

The better your positions are, the lower the interest rate will be. For instance, if you want to finance a new investment in equipment and you contribute with 10% of the investment size, you will get the most favourable deal. You should definitely exploit this opportunity.

More Affordable than other business loans

Some of the major banks offering Khula business loans are Nedbank and Standard Bank. There are other participants as well. Their terms and conditions vary slightly, especially when it comes to the fees and interest rates. In any case, you can expect the loans to be quite affordable especially in comparison to the traditional loans available to businesses.

You will be able to borrow between R10,000 and R3 million. The maximum limit is set by the programme itself. Generally, you can get sufficient finance for investing in all kinds of capital goods and for cash flow management as well.

The verdict of this review is that the Khula business loans are among the most beneficial for small, micro and medium businesses in South Africa. The requirements are fairly strict, but you will get the backup which you require to set your company on the path to growth.

 Contact Details

77 Meintjes Street, Sunnyside, Pretoria, Gauteng, 0002, South Africa
Ph: 0860 054 852 / 0860 054 852
Fx: 0860 110 790
Em: [email protected]

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PO Box 11011, Zwartkop, 0051, South Africa

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