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About – Focus on Finance

Focus on Finance assists anyone with the financial support they need to buy a vehicle.

Clients who are working or even unemployed have the opportunity to apply for vehicle finance, as well as clients who are already retired. We assist everyone with the cash they need to buy a new or used vehicle.

Keeping you informed

We know that our South African clients need easily available information to be able to make important decisions, this is the reason we have taken the time and to create a customer friendly service on our website. Our staff are focused on the financial needs of our clients.

What makes us different?

We focus on education and keeping our clients informed to make better decisions with their finances. We provide informative blogs and information to help people get out of debt, and advise them on how to borrow responsibly.

How we help our customers

Through a series of publications of well thought out and written documents we target to help the multitudes get out of debt and prevent being blacklisted. As well as assist debt of any current debt management services of any existing debt problems.

Services – Focus on Finance

Our website contains everything you need to know, in order to finacially benefit.

With today’s world being 95% focused on costs and financial reliability, we understand that this useful and informative information can benefit everyone. We also offer advice to help people get on their feet and well on the road to financial freedom.

Are you blacklisted? We can help!

If you have bad credit and looking for vehicle finance to buy your next automobile, or even wondering how and where to apply for financial support, this website will help you where to look and how to move forward with your finances. Please have a good look around and be sure to read any information on the website that may relate to your state of affairs.

Wide variety of car loan options

We assist clients with options that will help even people with bad credit get vehicle finance through South African providers. As transport being the way we get around during the day, get to work, school and wherever we need to go, getting a vehicle is quite an important concern. This necessity comes with a price.

We can help you with affordable options and the cash flow that you need to finance a vehicle.

Summary of Services

  • Financing
  • Bad Credit Assistance
  • Debt Management
  • Loans and Borrowing
  • Car Loans

Focus Finance focuses on getting you the cash for your new car

Let us help you buy a vehicle of your dreams!

Our website is user friendly to everyone. We don’t particularly provide online loans for our clients, but simply offer advice on how to get it, and when to get it. Everyone at some point may have a question in regards to their financial situation, and we have the answers right here.

We have information on the following financial categories:

See if you qualify for a loan

If you are blacklisted, we provide options on what and where to go when you need to find a loan or vehicle finance. We provide a free to use credit check to see whether or not you can qualify for vehicle finance.

You deserve your own vehicle

Having your own vehicle is almost a necessity in today busy life. Do you wonder if you can afford a vehicle, or if your credit rating will allow you to borrow money, or simply don’t know what or where to start. We have all the information you need to educate you on every financial process available. We advise you on what banks in SA will assist you, and even what private lending firms to trust.

We help you with everything you need to know

And should we not have the information you need on our site, you can contact us directly with your questions, and we will provide you with the answers.

 Contact Details

Athol Cres, Helena Heights, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7130, South Africa
Ph: 079 185 6867
Em: [email protected]