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About – Dube Loans

When we opened our operation back in 1997, we had no idea it would grow into the big credit provider that it is today. Each and every day, our clientele grows when it comes to short term loan services.

Assisting customers is the heart of the business

It is exceptional important to go out of our way to ensure that you never feel out of place with us. We have to ensure that we answer and attend to all your queries timeously. With short-term finance, you will be able to ensure that your emergency is handled in due course.

Help is always nearby

We have made our loan application to be quiet easy but if you need help at some point in time, don’t be afraid to ask us. Our agents will ensure that you are given all the relevant information and guidance.

Time is taken to ensure you are equipped

Cash loans aren’t as difficult as people make them out to be. All you have to do is ask us how and we will show you the easier and effective way of simplifying for you.

Services – Dube Loans

Our job is to ensure that you find a loan whenever you are in need.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in our services, you need to complete an application form and submit it to us as soon as possible. If we get everything we have requested in time, you will have the money deposited in your bank account in no time.

Get a short term Dube Loan

If you have used our services before, it will make the lending process easier because you are already in our database system. However, if you are new, don’t worry too much; we will start from the beginning. It is crucial to ensure that your financial wellbeing is taken care of if you want your credit profile to always be up to scratch.

Everything is made simple with Dube Loans

Should you have financial problems, you have to notify us as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to fail to tell us about your issues in time so that we can see if we can’t find an alternative way to help you out.

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Summary of Services

  • UNSECURED Personal Loans
  • SHORT-TERM Loans
  • PERSONAL Loans

Dube Loans is your best option when it comes to short-term loans

The payday loans that we have are just another way of offering financial assistance to customers who need short term loans.

How do I apply for credit?

Complete our loan application if you are a South African citizen and above the age of 18 years with permanent employment.

What our services include

The loans we have, have made life so much easier for customers because they are affordable to pay off in reasonable time frames. This means the short term cash loans can be paid off in affordable monthly instalments.

Credit checks

The main reason we do credit checks is to ensure that you are not biting more than you can chew in terms of a getting yourself a short term loan you can’t afford to pay off. The last thing we want is to see you putting yourself in financial difficulties. If we are happy with the documents that you have submitted to us, we will grant your loan application the green light and the money will be sent into your bank account. We are not responsible for the bank account turnaround times. However, it shouldn’t take more than two business days before the money reflects into your designated bank account. We want to see all our customers happy and we know that a short term loan will do just that!

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 Contact Details

Janomi Centre, Kareedouw, Eastern Cape, 6400, South Africa
Ph: 042 2880 167
Fx: 086 552 4836
Em: loans@dubeloans.co.za

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P.O. Box 88, Kareedouw, 6400, South Africa