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About – KND Finance

Since 1999, KND Finance has been providing short term cash loans designed to meet the needs of South Africans.

We have narrow specialisation in short term micro loans and we rely on our best traditions and experience to provide the emergency cash solutions that people are looking for.

You can rely on our commitment & expertise.

We strive to be the best in what we do and this has taken us far. We have numerous satisfied customers who reach for our help every time they are in a cash crunch.

We offer highly competitive interest rates, flexible terms and conditions and easy and affordable repayment.

Services – KND Finance

We provide short term cash loans to individuals who have to deal with a cash crunch.

Micro finance – simple, easy & quick.

The interest rates are highly competitive. We realise that short term finance is not cheap, but it is reliable and even invaluable in case of an emergency.

We're here to help you solve any cash problem.

We offer flexible loans with the option for renewal for a few months. Just make sure that before you get finance you have a clear plan for repayment.

We are glad to assist you anytime you find yourself in a difficult situation.

Summary of Services

  • Unsecured cash loans
  • Personal cash loans
  • Short-term personal loans
  • Cash emergencies 
  • Quick cash online
  • Money loans
  • Debt consolidation loans 
  • Business loans

KND Finance Short Term Loans - Will They Help You

Sometimes, you have no choice but to borrow money against your future income. In this situation, you would want to find a loan with the most favourable terms and conditions especially when it comes to repayment and cost.

Use this KND Finance short-term loans review to decide whether this micro finance will be useful and affordable for you.

KND Finance is a small, established micro lender.

The company has been around since 1999 and has already gained a solid customer base. It works primarily with local customers in Port Elizabeth where it is set, but it can help South Africans from all over the country. You can expect a friendly attitude.

The KND Finance short term loans are especially designed for helping you in a cash emergency. The maximum amount which you can borrow cannot exceed a few thousand rand.

The repayment term is fairly short as well.

It usually does not exceed a month or a month and a half, but it can be longer as well. The interest rates set by this lender are competitive, but they are typically determined on an individual basis so you can expect your creditworthiness to play a role.

Perhaps the major advantage of using the short term loans of KND Finance is that the company is quite flexible when it comes to repayment. They are able to extend the term with a month or two if you have difficulties with paying what you owe. This comes at a price, but at least you will not get into trouble with the credit collectors.

Not all short term micro lenders are willing to give you extension so this is certainly a benefit which should not be ignored.

It is worth pointing out that this lender does not have an automated online system for applications and document submission. However, they may be able to get a loan for you over the phone and fax.

You can expect to get a pretty fast service.

Overall, the KND Finance short term loans can be helpful in an emergency situation.

They are easily accessible and fairly affordable. Besides, you can get repayment support.

 Contact Details

638 Govan Mbeki Avenue, North End, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, 6001, South Africa
Ph: 041 582 3431 / 072 994 7680
Fx: 086 649 9814

 Opening Hours

  • Monday 08:00 – 17:30
  • Tuesday 08:00 – 17:30
  • Wednesday 08:00 – 17:30
  • Thursday 08:00 – 17:30
  • Friday 09:00 – 17:00
  • Saturday 11:00 – 15:30
  • Sunday Closed –