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About – Loan Happy

Loan Happy is fairly new in the financial industry, but that hasn’t stopped us from already making our mark in the markets.

We have already assisted hundreds of clients in South Africa

We provide beneficial and hassle-free short-term loan products. We believe in helping you without putting you into too much debt, and encourage responsible lending agreements with our clients. We won’t lend you more than you can afford.

Your financial well-being is part of our service delivery

Caring for our clients is our value add. Our main ability to our service delivery is not only our ability to please our customers through a passion for addressing your needs, but also for the innovative processes that make life simple for you.

Easy short-term loans

Getting short term cash is as easy as registering on our website, completing an application form and clicking submit. We believe in making the cash business a fast and streamlined one.

Get cash within hours of your approved application and always have a financial partner backing you up whenever you need cash in a hurry.

Once a client always a client, we believe that with every approved application, we gain another member to our family.

Services – Loan Happy

We offer expert short term cash loans with fast turnaround times to meet your desired financial cash needs.

Online platform allows easy access to loans

Our loans are available through an online platform, which requires no paperwork, no faxing or printing of documents, no credit checks for people with bad credit, and no fuss! We do our best to get everyone approved, blacklisted or not.

Our interest rates are exceptionally low

This is one benefit we are highly known for in the market. Happy Loans gives you this reason to smile when applying for finance. We know that you need an quick cash loan to cover emergency accounts and debts, and don’t need the hassles of extra fees in your repayments, so we have kept ours at a minimal amount for the convenience of our clients.

Loan amount up to R250 000

Clients can apply for short-term cash of up to R250 000 and can repay it back over a term of up to 72 months! This allows you to budget properly, and not have an overwhelming repayment on your hands every month.

All our preferred credit providers have different benefits and different offers on hand. We select the right one to suit your needs, and match the best lender to you.

Looking out for quality, benefits and low rates for the benefit of our clients is what makes everyone happy long term.

Summary of Services

  • Short term loans

Loan Happy has short-term loans that you can afford to borrow!

Simple to use, and fast processing on loans.

Clients can access our services online for speed and convenience throughout the entire process.

Panel of expert lenders on offer

Customers can register on our website, and complete a personal profile. Your profile will contain all your personal information and a guideline as to what kind of loan you are looking for. Complete the amount you need and we will do all the searching for you, through our hundreds of accredited lending partners.

Whichever ones meet the criteria matched to your profile, will be presented to you with their specific offers. Our clients get to choose which one they would like to go forward with. You get the choice. Clients are advised to read the terms and conditions of our services carefully before submitting their request.

No need to wait on loans with us

We will be in contact with you within no longer than 48 hours of your application, once you have read and understood the terms from the chosen lender, the payment of your cash into your bank account is instant.

You will receive a full contract from the lender with a transparent breakdown of the loan amount, including fees and a scheduled repayment plan, which will be deducted from your bank account on a designated day each month.

Clients are requested to fit the criteria before applying:

  • Be a South African resident
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Earn a monthly salary of over R1 500
  • Provide 3 bank statements
  • Provide a certified copy of your ID document
  • Provide proof of residence
  • Provide a recent pay slip from your employer

It’s easy to get a short term cash loan from Loan Happy

We do all the hard work for you, while you get on with your normal life. The benefits of our service are reliable, safe and provide financial relief to clients when they are in need of urgent cash. We have the negotiating leverage with accredited lending partners to get you better deals than you would receive either on your own, or through another loan comparison platform.

Register today and have cash in your account by tomorrow – its simple!

 Contact Details

304 10th St, Hermanus, Western Cape, 7200, South Africa
Ph: 0837043887
Em: [email protected]