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About – Find a Loan

Find a loan will help you get a personal loan of up to R200 000!

Where else in South Africa, can you get instant approval we are specialists in the lending industry, with processes in place that will make your life so much easier, and enable you to boost your cash flow when it matters the most.

We provide the platform for our clients to find a loan with specific criteria, which is customised to their needs. We can also provide blacklisted clients the opportunity to get access to cash.

Bad credit loans available

We have revolved our business around helping all South African clients, and fulfil their financial requests, by searching through a list of our preferred lending partners in order to get a personal loan that meets your budget as well as your loan amount requests.

Apply in a few minutes

The entire process takes only a few minutes of your time, and once you are in our system, we can assist you with an outcome on your request in the fastest turnaround times.

With technology being an innovative way to get things done, we use this technique in our searching process, to eliminate what you don’t need and to find what you do need.

Services – Find a Loan

We save you the time of driving around trying to find a lender around town.

Find a Loan will take your requirements, put them into our search engine, and conveniently find what you are looking for. 

Browse online for the best lending partner

Our clients not only receive a personal loan that covers their financial needs, they get a package of benefits, to meet a number of requirements that fit in their daily lives. These include insurance claims assistance, legal and tax advice, as well as a free loan finding service.

With a minimal subscription fee, our clients get a whole lot of value included in their loan search. You can be one of thousands of clients we help on a monthly basis in achieving your financial needs.

Apply in three easy steps

With only three simple steps, you can have the financial means to make life a lot easier for you and your family. We pay out our loans fast, through direct deposits into your bank account, making them available instantly for you to use as you please.

Don’t be deterred if you have a bad credit history, as we have lenders on our preferred list that will assist you with finance regardless.

Summary of Services

  • Personal Loans
  • Bad Credit Loans
  • Debt Consolidation Loans

Find a Loan offers the most convenient search engine

A suitable transaction through simple processes and quick turnaround times for our clients to access a personal loan.

We are all about innovation and client service

This shines through in everything we do. We have a high client’s satisfaction rate, which is part of our reputable name in the industry. By assisting clients with immediate deadlines, in getting cash when they need it. With our easy to follow step process, getting cash is as easy as 1-2-3!

Simple online process

When you decide to apply for a personal loan make sure that you have necessary details that you will need for the online application, we will need your personal information such as your contact details, banking information as well as your income and employee details.

Funds within 24 hours

Take a read through our website, which provides all the information you may need before applying for personal finance. This will make the process a lot easier for you. we offer clients fast turnaround times on their loan applications. Once we have received your submitted application and processed your loan request, we can have the cash in your bank account within no more than 24 hours.

The form with your personal details and loan requirements only take a minute of your time, if not less. When we present you with an offer, you will be amazed at the rates we offer. As one of the most competitive pricing lenders in the online world, we are proud to offer these competitive rates to our clients.

Because we are specialists in the lending industry, we have a high success rate of loan approvals. we base our repayment terms on the amount of cash you qualify for and what you can afford to pay back without being bankrupt each month.

Find a suitable loan solution

Our terms range from 7 to 72 months, depending on the amount you borrow. We will work with you to provide the most suitable loan option, that meets your needs, and which is affordable to you.

Apply now, and get cash in your bank account within 24 hours. It’s simple, fast, safe and convenient.

 Contact Details

5 Tiptol Street, Hermanus, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7200, South Africa
Ph: +27 (0) 82 258 8911

 Opening Hours

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