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Mzansi Micro Finance

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About – Mzansi Micro Finance

We have been in the financial industry long enough to understand the financial needs of clients.

The online credit system that we have has made the online application slightly easier than the normal manual credit request.

Choosing a budget you can afford

At the end of the day, our job is to ensure that our customers get the best personal loans. By following all our rules, they will eventually get to their financial goal achievement.

Professional and extraordinary service

The people that we have employed are not only skilled when it comes to offering a good service, they also ensure that you get a quick loan so you can be able to solve whatever it is you are going through.

Services – Mzansi Micro Finance

We offer quick easy cash to everyone who applies. As long as you meet our credit terms and conditions, our doors are open for you.

The client can get a minimum of R1000 and a maximum of R10 000. Depending on your budget, you can choose to repay your loan in one month or in a period of 6 months.

Convenient and easy to use service

While you might be looking into ensuring that you have perfect credit, you will never know when you might be in need of short-term micro finance. Therefore, if you have a good credit profile, it will not be hard to ensure that you get a personal loan.

Putting your trust in us

While we can’t guarantee you that we will be able to grant your loan application, you can put your trust in us that we will do all we can. We will assist you during the online loan application stage so that you don’t feel like you are doing everything on your own.

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Summary of Services

  • ASSET Financing
  • QUICK Loans
  • PERSONAL Finance
  • CAR Loans

At Mzansi Micro Finance we offer quick personal loans

It always advisable to shop around before you can get the right kind of loan option. This way, you will be able to decide which is the right loan product for you.

By making use of the loan calculator, you will be able to gather whether or not you can afford to take a personal loans that is offered by Mzansi Micro Finance. The National Credit Act makes strict rules and regulations for financial providers. Not only should they be registered with the Act, but they should also abide by certain terms and conditions set by the Act.

Apply in preference of your choice

Seeing that people are mostly busy with operational requirements and other personal matters, we have made things easier for people who want to apply but don’t necessarily have the time to do so. By completing the online loan application, you will be one step ahead from getting your loan.

On the other hand, you can apply for credit by either email or fax. Once everything has been finalized and your application was approved, the money will be made available to your bank account in one business day.

A repayment method of your choice

Due to the fact that we strive to give our customers quick loans, the repayment method can be decided upon by the actual client. Furthermore, should you wish to make it 6 or 12 months, you are welcome to do so provided you will be able to maintain the payment period. We also encourage our clients to never make credit promises they will not be able to fulfil.

Due to the fact that we have options for personal cash loan, customers have the pleasure of deciding which option suits them best and how would they have to go about paying the loan on a monthly basis. Furthermore, the quicker you pay the less debt you have to account for in the future. Customers have rated out credit service as a fast and reliable especially when you need a loan in a sense of emergency.

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Shop 2, Pomona Road, BP Centre, Pomona Estates, Kempton Park, Gauteng, 1619, South Africa
Ph: 011 396 2871
Fx: 086 741 9009
Em: contact@mmfinance.co.za

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