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About – Southern Money

Southern Money has had a history of excellence ever since its establishment in 2004.

The company specialises in personal loans and home loans designed to suit the needs of South Africans. You can select from a variety of loan amounts and loan terms for perfect credit personalisation. It is our flexibility and quick turnarounds that make up a lender of choice.

The quality of our products is hard to beat

The professional service that we offer is speedy and dependable - making our customers return to make use of our services over and over again. We focus on the personal communication with our customers and have great attention to derail.

Whenever you need to boost your finances with a personal loan, you can come to us and we will offer you a perfect solution.

Services – Southern Money

Southern Money Loans and Bonds is the lending company which can make all your plans reality.

We offer personal loans which allow you to obtain cash quickly and home loans designed to help you pay for a house. We can arrange the perfect cell phone contract for you in line with your needs.

We offer personal loans for bad credit

We welcome all clients including those with less than perfect credit rating and offer personal loans for bad credit. We are here to provide the most effective financial solution for the situation you are in. We guarantee personal attention and complete integrity.

We are proud to offer a truly exceptional customer service which has been highly rated by our clients.

Summary of Services

  • Personal loans
  • Property finance
  • Cash loans
  • Instant loans
  • Online loans

Southern Money Quick Personal Loans Review – What Can You Expect?

You may need to borrow money for all sorts of things from paying the school fees of your kids to remodelling your kitchen. Whatever the reason is, you have to find a short term cash loan which matches your needs and requirements perfectly.

Use this Southern Money quick personal loans review to decide whether these credit products will be right for you.

Southern Money is a financial service provider which has been operating since 2006. The company's job is to find the right loan for you based on your requirements. They work with a good number of lenders so you can expect them to offer a favourable deal. In general, their service is professional and easy to use. It is available entirely online.

Cash in your account within 48 hours

Southern Money's personal micro-loans are not among the quickest to obtain, but you can expect good speed. You get to make an application online. The service provider will get back to you fairly quickly to inform you of the outcome. If you are approved, you will have to submit a more detailed application and a set of supporting documents. After this, you will be sent a loan offer which you can accept or decline.

If you accept it, you will have to sign the loan agreement and the granted funds will be wired to your bank account. You can expect to have the cash in your account within 48 hours after the signing of the agreement, but delays are possible.

How much you can borrow with us

The maximum amount of money which you can take out with the Southern Money quick loans depends on your salary income and on your expenses as well. You should be able to borrow several thousand rand. Generally, you can readily use a loan from this provider for paying bills and for making bigger purchases. The term of the loan is typically flexible so you will be able to choose it yourself. You just have to strike the right balance between the total cost and the size of the monthly instalments.

The interest rates are competitive, but they depend on your credit record to a great extent. This review finds Southern Money's personal loans to be fairly speedy to get. They have a good amount of flexibility as well.

 Contact Details

712 Voortrekker Road, Brakpan, Gauteng, 1541, South Africa
Ph: 011 057 4716
Fx: 0866 443 054
Em: [email protected]

 Postal Address

PO Box 10062, Dalview, 1544, South Africa

 Opening Hours

  • Monday 09:00 – 17:00
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  • Wednesday 09:00 – 17:00
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