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About – Blacklisted Loans

Blacklisted Loans are a proudly South African based finance business.

We specialise in many financial services, but the one area we really excel, is getting loans for our clients who are blacklisted. Having a bad credit score can have a stressful role in your life.

Have you been turned down for a loan?

When you want to get a loan from the back or from other lenders, you will be turned down without a blink of an eye. Your credit score can be marked at a high risk payer, for the slightest non-payment of an account, or being in arrears somewhere along the line.

Most lenders don’t look at your income and credibility in the same way that we do. We take an in-depth view at what you earn, and what you are paying on expenses each month. What you have left at the end of the month and your affordability to pay off your instalments will be the deciding factor for your loan approval at Blacklisted Loans!

Online bad credit loan available

Clients can access up to R200 000 to use for emergency payments, overdue bills or even to take your family on a holiday.

We are the lender of choice in the online lending industry, and we will help you find a loan, and have it approved today.

Services – Blacklisted Loans

We can help you get a loan even with a bad credit.

If you are blacklisted and are looking for a convenient and effective way to get a cash loan, you are at the right place.

Apply online even if you have bad credit

We have an online platform, which allows clients to get cash when they need it, through efficient, fast, and easy to use online applications. With our unique services, clients can look forward to making use of our benefit package. By signing up for our subscription services, you get a free loan finding tool and more.

Member benefits and more

Our Member Benefits include a number of financial advice and assistance for clients needing legal guidance with motor and vehicle accident claims, domestic violence and personal injury, conveyance, criminal law and civil labour law advice and assistance. We also include matrimonial law as well as will and testament advice and assistance.

Our loan searching tool is an added bonus to our clients, included in the package, however, is complementary, and you can use it at no additional charge to you.

This service is so convenient, as it searches through a large database of lenders who we have partnered with, to find the best possible loan to match your needs.

Summary of Services

  • BAD CREDIT loans
  • BLACKLISTED welcome
  • PERSONAL loans
  • VEHICLE finance

Blacklisted Loans provides convenient and easy loans for blacklisted clients

Our platform consists of a list of reputable lenders in the South African market space, who add in their specific criteria into the loan application requirements for clients to access.

Endless loan options available

With interest rates varying from between 22.3% and 28%, clients can afford to borrow the amount they need and repay it over terms of between 7 and 72 months! Because we work through a nationwide network, we can assist all South Africans with the lending needs. With a basic and easy to apply for personal loan, even clients with blacklisted credit histories can get a loan for bad credit.

Everyone deserves the equal rights to getting a loan

With a few simple qualifying criteria, you no longer need to look across the country to find a lender. We provide the resources and online searching tools within our services, to find the lender that fits within your lending requirements.

Our lenders offer competitive rates, and cash loans that are almost instant

We work fast, as we now you don’t have time to waste when you need cash in a hurry. We have and continue to help thousands of clients each month, in obtaining cash loans, when no one else will approve their applications. You can access cash up to R200 000 and get instalment arrangements that you can afford. The lender you choose to work through from your application, will define the terms of your agreement with you, and stipulate what repayment terms you qualify for when your application is approved. At a minimal once off fee of only R350 and a R99 rand monthly charge per month, clients get a world of benefits and special offer through our services.

Once you have registered on our website, you have instant access to all the value added services within our offered package. A member, you can apply for a cash loan – even if you are blacklisted – through our simple online application form. Click the submit button and within minutes, we will be in touch with you to discuss your loan requirements further. You will be pleasantly surprised how fast the entire loan process works.

Once your loan is approved and you have agreed to your terms of contract, you can expect cash in your account in no more than 48 hours.

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Ph: +27 (0) 21 202 8813

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