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About – Loan Locator SA

Loan Locator SA makes getting finance easy FOR YOU!!!

We make getting a blacklisted loan simple

Clients who don’t come right with banks and other lenders with their applications due to their bad credit history, can make use of our online lending platform, and get an approval in the quickest turnaround times.

Our services are simple, fast and so easy to use

Because all our processes are handled through an online platform, our clients get a convenient and reliable lending solution at their fingertips.

We offer a package, which will enable you to find cash loans through a handy search site, as well as getting paralegal assistance from our team of experts.

All our services are handles with discretion, and your private details will always remain confidential. We have security measures in place so that our data is never available to anyone outside our firm.

Life can be easier when you partner with the right lending firm

We have a partner list long enough to make your financial dreams come true.

Finding the best possible lender to suit your needs is what we specialise in. This service is a complementary benefit in our package offered on a subscription basis to our clients.

Services – Loan Locator SA

We help all clients in locating the right cash loan service to suit their needs.

Our loan services include a package comprising of a number of handy tools and personal touches including:

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Assistance
  • Litigation Advice and Assistance
  • Matrimonial Law Advice and Assistance
  • Harassment Advice and Assistance
  • Domestic Violence Advice and Assistance
  • Personal Injury Advice and Assistance
  • Conveyance Advice and Assistance
  • Criminal Law Advice and Assistance
  • Civil and Labour Law Advice and Assistance
  • Will and Testament Advice and Assistance
  • Monthly Electronic Services

Free Loan Finding Services

You get all this for as little at R399 on your first month and only R99 thereafter on a monthly basis.

Where else will you get all this advice and assistance under one firm? The service we provide is convenient for our clients, because it’s all available online and via telephone. When you need us for any legal issues, give us a call, and we will assist you in taking the next steps. When you need cash for an emergency or for catching up on your overdue bills, look no further. We have the strength in the industry and the partnerships with the right people to ensure you get the very best rates and deals.

Summary of Services

  • Loans for people with bad credit
  • Blacklisted client welcome
  • Personal loans
  • Vehicle loans for poor credit

We source the best blacklisted personal loans for all clients

Loan Locator SA is a loan referral loan service which provides convenient and simple ways to get a loan.

Why should you choose our services?

Our service is totally free and allows clients who need cash to source through our list of preferred lenders to find the ideal loan they are looking for. Our lenders offer competitive rates, with a maximum of 27% APR.

Majority of our lenders offer similar terms to pay off your loan based on instalments ranging from between 3 and 60 months.

These easy terms are affordable to clients, making the total amount they pay back a lot easier to budget for.

We offer a range of cash loan options

These include secured loans, unsecured loans, bonds (mortgage), personal finance, vehicle finance, bridging finance, debt consolidation as well as loans for blacklisted.

To qualify for a loan with Loan Locator SA, clients need to have a sufficient credit history, if you are blacklisted, we will evaluated your loan application accordingly.

The key identifier is your ability to pay off your loan

We will verify your application to see what your expenses are according to your salary each month, and see if there is enough cash left over to pay your instalments each month. By working in line with the regulations of the National Credit Act, we work according to what you can afford to pay back, and won’t lend you more money than what you can afford to repay each month. We don’t want to add the pressure of more debt into your life.

How to get started?

To get started, clients simply register and subscribe on our website, complete a few personal details and submit.

You will get access to our loan application page, where you can click on apply, and complete the necessary information. By submitting your application, you get the options of a number of lenders on our partner listing, which would be able to assist you with the specific requirements of your loan application.

The entire process only takes a few minutes of your time, and you can expect a fast pay-out of your cash loan once the lender has finalised your loan agreement.

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