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About Heritage Loans

We are a micro lender that works online as well as onsite, we offer secured short-term loans with a guarantee to be provided by our customers.

Instant cash loans

When we say that our cash loans are instant, we’re not kidding, we mean it. Heritage Loans is one of the few companies in South Africa offering instant loan approval and money transfer.

It takes us no more than 15 minutes to process your application and get you approved no questions asked we also don’t run credit checks. We offer secured personal loans and accept virtually any kind of collateral that has value. We are experienced and trustworthy. Our service is based on dedication and expertise. You can rely on us completely when you are in an emergency situation. We have the means and commitment to help you out in the best way possible.

Heritage Loans Services

Get short-term loans against collateral from Heritage Loans.

We provide credit solutions to individuals who require cash quickly. No matter whether you need to cover emergency expenses or pay for a short holiday, we can help.

Bad credit loans

We run no credit checks so we gladly work with people with a bad credit record. We offer simple, easy, flexible and reliable solutions. We accept a wide variety of traditional securities from motorised vehicles to jewellery and electronics. We work with all other assets of value such as antiques and works of art, but to mention a few.

Heritage Loans provides a quick financial solution to all South Africans, no matter if your credit is good or you have a poor credit status, we also lend to individuals who were blacklisted and we accept all kinds of guarantees. We have a rock-hard presence in South Africa in spite of having a small market share.

Heritage Loans – Instant loan

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Benefits of Heritage Loans

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  • BUSINESS Loans

Instant loan calculator


The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.

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Heritage Loans has flexible & affordable loans

If your car breaks down or if you have missed paying the electricity bill on time, you would want to borrow cash as quickly as possible to settle the payment.

There are many credit products designed to help you in such a situation. Heritage instant cash loans are here to assist you in any sort of emergency. Contact us today and have some peace of mind! Even thou Heritage Loans is a small microlender, you can be assured that we have considerable experience and will always go that extra mile for our customers.

You can get a loan in their office or online

We are flexible when it comes to working with applicants. You can expect a quick, helpful and polite service. We are here to listen to you and advice you on the best solution for your need.

We offer secure cash loans

In order to get a cash loan, you will have to place an asset of yours as collateral. We do offer great flexibility when it comes to the assets which you can use for backing up the loan. We accept motorised vehicles, jewellery pieces, electronic devices with a high value such as smartphones and other valuable items such as works of art.

The maximum loan amount will depend on the value of the asset. You should only borrow the amount that you need since a larger loan amount is sometimes difficult to repay.

Since the cash loans are secured, the approval process typically takes no more than 15 minutes. We are not too worried about checking your credit history as long as the asset's value matches the amount that you want to borrow.

Our service is super-fast

You can expect the cash to be accessible to you on the very same day or at the latest, the next day.

How about the cost of borrowing?

The interest rates on secured loans are always lower compared to those on unsecured ones of the same type. The interest rate charged on the Heritage loans starts from 3%. When you calculate the total cost of the loan, you have to take into account the fees as well but note that our fees are not high. We aim to keep costs as low as possible.

We welcome you to contact us should you be in need of an instant cash loan; we are in a position to take away your immediate cash problem. Put your mind at ease with one of our loan products today.

You will be pleasantly surprised at what we have to offer as well as the professional service we provide to all South African who is in a bit of a financial struggle.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2019

Great service when we went to the branch to be helped with our loan they were quick to assist us and we are very grateful.

Lyn J
— Port Elizabeth —

April 2019

Wow I didn’t expect to have my loan sorted out so quickly and in my account. Great service that makes you feel like you would like to get a loan again from them if you will ever need it.

Shaun S
— Cape Town —

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