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About PicotiFin

PicotiFin is a micro lender with long-term history. Our company is based in Alberton, Gauteng and has been serving consumers for over 12 years.

We have a solid customer base and enjoy our good reputation in the market. Our service is transparent and professional. We are focused on giving you the most suitable microfinance for you.

Fast and reliable loans

We have been helping South Africans secure fast and reliable personal loans since 2001. Our loan services boast with efficiency, simplicity and speed. We take pride in same-day approval.

Times are tough and we know that… costs are on the rise which results in one scarcely being able to manage their budget – then to put a cherry on it all your car breaks down or perhaps you need extra cash for something that you’ve wanted to buy and couldn’t afford it, but now it’s at a special price and it’s a must-have. Give us a call and see if you qualify. You have nothing to lose because it will cost you nothing to make an enquiry!

Should you qualify you can at least have the peace of mind that you won’t need to wait an eternity for your cash loan because it’ll be on its way. We know the need for cash, can be paralyzing when you need funds urgently and it’s not done as quickly as you would like, for that reason, we pride ourselves on speedy and friendly service.

PicotiFin Services

Picotifin is a company with extensive experience in credit provision. We work with numerous customers from all walks of life and we know how tough the economy is at the moment.

We understand that you have a hard time managing your budget during the month especially when emergency expenses arise. This allows us to provide our customers with a quick, efficient and reliable solution which are perfectly tailored to your needs. We are able to offer highly competitive interest rates and repayment terms which are comfortable for you.

We are fully committed to helping you

We have made the application process simple and quick with the approval coming in hours rather than in days or weeks.

PicotiFin Instant loans

Giving you the best microfinance for you. The use of credit products is a great way for managing your budget, especially when unexpected expenses come up.

The choice of a product and a lender must be made with great care and with focus on factors such as affordability, credibility and usefulness. This PicotiFin instant cash loans review will help you decide whether these products and their provider correspond to your requirements.

PicotiFin – Instant loan

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Benefits of PicotiFin

  • PERSONAL Loans
  • PAYDAY Loans

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The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.

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PicotiFin has reliable and flexible loans for your convenience

How quickly you can qualify for a PicotiFin cash loan?

The application is made online and this saves you a great amount of time. The lender does run a credit check so you can expect your application to be processed within a few hours or a bit more.

When you sign the loan agreement, you will have the funds in your account within 24 hours. The service is quite speedy because we make it as stress-free as possible.

We offer attractive interest rates

Our head office is in Alberton, but we serve all South African citizens through our online cash loans. The entire application process can be carried out and completed online or via fax. It is quick and easy and does not require any specific technical knowledge. No personal visit to our office is required. You can get credit quickly to resolve any cash emergency without hassle.

The quality of our loans is also worth assessing

Our loans are offered in two categories. The payday loans have small amounts up to several thousand Rands and are repaid within 30 days or so. They come with interest rate and fees which are comparable to those which other lenders have to charge for these credit products. Since interest is charged daily, all payday loans are naturally more expensive compared to their other counterparts.

PicotiFin offers quick short term loans, however, you can select from various loan amount depending on your income and credit history. The maximum repayment term is 3 years, but you can choose a shorter period. The interest rates on our loans are competitive.

In conclusion, PicotiFin cash loans are flexible and offer useful credit solutions which are made available fairly quickly.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

June 2019

Even with my low credit score I was able to get a loan with the company very happy that they have taken the chance on me and I will be coming back.

June M
— Cape Town —

June 2019

They have given me all the help and great advice to get a loan.

Ntombi T
— East London —

May 2019

They really ask for very little for your application and it didn’t even take that long to finish my application and submit it.

Michael T
— Port Elizabeth —

June 2019

The great service has lent to me being able to pay for my cars repairs and get to and from work.

Johnson A
— East London —

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