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About – Loan Tracer

Loan Tracer SA makes getting cash instantly a breeze. We know that often you may encounter a situation that requires a little extra cash on hand. Getting cash over a short-term period is now simple and affordable at Loan Tracer in South Africa.

Our highly skilled and trained consultants are at hand to assist you with your quick loan application for whatever loan requirements you may have. We handle every client’s portfolio with confidentiality and respect, whilst providing a service, which far exceeds your expectations.

Expert loan solutions

What we do is create a solution to your needs and assist you in making the right choices when it comes to choosing a loan that meets your requirements. Our clients benefit from our innovative and fast processes which makes getting a short term loan faster and more reliable. When you need a cash loan in a hurry, we know you don’t want to wait for weeks to get it.

Easy loan applications

We have designed a loan process and solution that will make life a lot easier for you, starting from today. We are committed to providing a seamless solution to every request we encounter. Where you need advice, we have experts on hand to assist you with all your queries. By making quick cash loans a simple task, clients no longer have to endure tedious queues at banks or undergo hundreds of questions and provide security to get their hands on quick cash solutions. We have the short term cash loan you need when you want it, and it’s simple to obtain.

Services – Loan Tracer

We will find the short term cash loan you need quicker than ever. When you need cash fast, trying to find a loan can be a task, which could drive your stress levels up a notch.

Loan Tracer SA have vast experience in locating and sourcing the right short term cash loan to suit whatever purpose you need it for. By taking the hassle out of looking through lists of lenders available, we will match your criteria to the lender that would offer you the choice of options you need.

We find you a lender

We provide an elite loan comparison site allowing clients in South Africa, a service that meets their needs, through an innovative streamlined process, with an end result that will have you smiling. The outcome of our search will give you an instant decision on your loan application, as well as a pay-out of funds within an hour.

Why Wait? Apply today

When you need cash fast and don’t have time to compare loans and providers look no further. Let us do all the work for you and more. No paperwork, everything is completed online, as well as direct cash payment into your bank account. No more queues at banks, no more waiting weeks to get your cash, no more hassles. Just quick approval and cash in your pocket.

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Loan Tracer SA make getting cash loans quick and simple

We provide a service to the South African public in locating short term, unsecured quick loans.

We use our knowledge and leverage of a list of suppliers in the country, who will deliver on your expectations and your budgetary requirements. We always source the best opportunities for our clients with a pay out of your loan within an hour.

We provide same day solutions

Clients can register on our website, and get the benefits of choice. We don’t limit you to one specific lending partner; we sort through a number of options until you are happy with the outcome. Clients can spend hours if not days trying to get a loan online, or going via bank to bank. We can eliminate the time and money spent on trying to find the right loan to suit you, by assisting you today through our online search platform.

Who can apply?

Customers who are South African residents, and who are over 18 years old, can register online, and let the search for your quick loan begin. It’s simple and hassle-free, with no paperwork, no appointments and queues, just a few clicks of your mouse and you can be 60 minutes away from having a little extra cash in your pocket. Loan Tracer SA has relationships in place with top lenders in the country, allowing us to leverage the best possible rates and terms on your behalf.

Better and more affordable loans

These deals may not be available to you should you be searching for them directly on your own, so why not take advantage of better and more affordable loan offers through our comparison site. We know that there comes a time in life when you need cash quickly, to cover unexpected costs. Having a partner who understands the needs can make your entire experience a positive one.

Loans within minutes

Don’t pay unnecessary fees and wait for unnecessary timeframes for cash when you need it in a hurry. Register online with Loan Tracer SA, complete the necessary information and we will locate the best loan arrangement for you within minutes. Our clients get more than they bargained for and receive their online loan in record time frames.

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