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SpotCash is a registered credit provider with South Africa’s National Credit Regulator: NCRCP6510

About – SpotCash

We were founded over 20 years ago and have been offering flexible non-customary loaning measures and microfinance, this means we are qualified and have the expertise to help you when you require it most.

With our experience and innovation, we can back our team of financial experts who are able to assist you in getting a quick cash loan and we reckon it’s now one of the easiest things to do as far as SpotCash is concerned.

Tailormade loans

Having an abundance of skill and experience, we take an individual way of customising a loan solution which meets the criteria of our client’s specific needs. With the economy being the way that it is nowadays, there are a lot of cases when you simply require a quick cash boost to get you through the month, or you may need to pay for something that needs your urgent attention and you just don’t have the cash on hand but it needs to be paid immediately you simply don’t have cash on hand. SpotCash fully appreciates this, and that’s the reason we provide a simple solution for personal loans sometimes a quick cash loan is necessary and can help you stay out of trouble!

Services – SpotCash

At SpotCash we understand these difficult times and know that cash doesn’t just appear when you need it. We have been assisting South Africans to get that quick cash with no hassles for almost two decades.

Now there are no excuses for not having cash when you need it! SpotCash offers quick cash loans, payday loans and short term personal loans with ease and convenience ensuring that clients are looked after in the best possible way.

Loan approval within minutes

Our application procedure is very clear and can be finished in minutes. Our administrations are convenient to the point that you can even apply utilizing your cell phone. The whole process runs online permitting your credit application to get to the credit department and approve your loan at the fastest turnaround time. Once you're approved and you're happy with the loan amount and your instalment agreement, we pay cash into your preferred bank account in no time.

Summary of Services

  • QUICK Cash Loan 
  • FAST Personal Loans
  • ONLINE Cash Loans

Getting a quick cash loan is effortless when you apply with Spot Cash

At some point in life we all require a quick cash boost to get us through as the month progresses, or perhaps we need to pay for something that needs a larger amount of cash and we just don't have it.

SpotCash understands this, and that is the reason we give a basic solution for personal loans. Our originators have more than 20 years of expertise offering adaptable non-standard loaning plans and credit, making all of us qualified to help you when you require it most.

Straightforward loans

Having a wealth of aptitude and experience, we take an individual approach to tweaking a loan arrangement which meets the criteria of our customer's particular needs. We make getting cash straightforward, you can pick the sum you need, and you can make the best choice of when you would prefer to settle the loan.

Quick cash solutions

We understand these troublesome times and realizes that cash doesn't simply show up at any given time, especially when you need it most. For over two decades, Spot Cash has been helping South Africans without having to go through long and exhausting application processes. With experience and development moving forward our group of financial specialists, make getting a quick cash loan of the most effortless things to do with Spot Cash.

How does it work?

Why choose SpotCash?

  • We are safe and provide added value
  • Customized loaning arrangements
  • Your security is ensured

At this moment, in time there is no reason for you not to have cash when you require it! SpotCash offers the best on the market quick cash loans, payday loans and personal loans for when our customers hastily need some cash.

Our application system is clear and can be done in minutes. Our systems are advantageous to the point that you can even apply using your mobile phone. The entire procedure runs on the internet allowing us to get to the credit requirements we need and certify your loan application in minutes.

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